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Pledging/Early Access - The Ultimate Hype Killer



  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 43,752
    edited April 2017

    Torval said:

    Kyleran said:

    Just checking in on the status of this game again.  According to this site, they planned a 2017 release.  They don't even have a playable alpha yet.  They're still working on basic systems.  Did they write their own game engine or something?  If so, man, that sounds like a sentence to an eternity in hell for a small, indie developer, even if they have experience in a successful, ancient MMO like DAoC.

    Yes, they actually did write their own game engine...  The fact that you don't know this is telling.

    I've visited the CU site one time to look at the pledge tier pricing and even I know they built their own engine...  The fact that you don't know that but are complaining about the progression rate of development makes you seem less a concerned backer and more a childish backer stomping your feet because you can't have everything overnight.

    Oh, and MJ has also already updated us directly here on how well the engine is performing so far.  So again, maybe take some time to educate yourself about the game before bitching about it?

    I agree not knowing they built their own engine makes me question what llevel if backer he is.

    Also the fact he posted his update one day after the weekly Friday email  I just read and the live stream Tyler also held makes me question if he's aware of them.

    He is correct on the point they have not promised a beta date yet, which every backer is painfully aware of.

    When the beta date announcement finally comes it won't be on external websites backers first hear of it.

    An end user shouldn't have to know or care if they built their own engine. Again, making excuses and blaming the end user rarely if ever ends well. You can be right, and are, but it doesn't matter if the users get frustrated and abandon the project. There are list of software projects a mile long that were "right" and are now either flailing or dying a slow embarrassing death (hey, Open Office how's it going for you?). It's not just a game industry issue and won't make game projects immune.

    The point is you can tell everyone they're not supposed to be fatigued and frustrated but that won't prevent it, even if you're technically right.

    Also mmo's are going to be fucked going forward if they keep developing everything from scratch and taking 5 - 8 years to complete. Software isn't moving at that pace anymore. I get that OOB game engines are crap for mmos and the industry desperately needs a prebuilt solution but again, ignoring the problem and moving on with business as usual is going to cost the industry, especially indies and small projects.

    I was calling him out for his disingenuous questions which as an alpha backer he should know the answers to.

    If he had just stated his frustration with the lack of a beta date I would have joined right in as I enjoy a good "rant" as much as the next guy.

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