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mage players beware

thatkenguythatkenguy Member Posts: 58
Pathing in this game is terrible.  It acts like it's based on an underlying hex-grid where you can only turn 60 degrees to change directions.  You can have an unobstructed path between your character and the selected point to run to and your character will not run in a straight line.  This is worse when trying to stay away from a mob while staying in range to cast on it.  I found that the character would continually run in closer even when in range and often until he was right next to the mob.   This meant that between the pathing and slight lag (no prediction algorithm that I could see) I found that I was fighting the pathing system more than the monsters.


  • edm005edm005 Member Posts: 3

    hi there,

    I know this is a back dated post, but as a fan of this game and still a player, I would like to say its not that bad now since the game has been greatly developed over the years.

    It gets better once you get to higher level.

    Especially after level 108 where you get spells like strip blast that can send out damaging spells 360 degrees at range 4-5 distance while another spell Sedamtare helps you teleport from point to point eliminating the running/pathing issue.

    I know of a place where this game has developed and has seen alot of players overcoming such system with aid of evasive movements.

    Will give u the link in pm.


  • styleoceanstyleocean Member Posts: 2


    Gaurav Jha(Style Ocean)

  • edm005edm005 Member Posts: 3

  • vinniej55vinniej55 Member Posts: 18

    All i can say is: This game is boring!!

  • SuitedGamingSuitedGaming Member CommonPosts: 2
    same man
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