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Questions to those Knowledgable

nate1980nate1980 Member UncommonPosts: 1,960
I've been reading through every game on the game list to see what I may have missed over the years and I've finally ran across this game. It sounds very interesting. I love it when games develop a lot of lore behind each nation and gives you the freedom to develop your character the way you want. However, when I seen that it's open PvP and read that people are just flipping capture points, it reminded me of another game that released years ago with deep lore and the ability to develop your character the way you want: Darkfall.

I'm not interested in a game that is played like Darkfall, that is, players just running around PvPing each other. I'm interested in video games with deep lore and freedom of choice. While in-game, I'd like to explore the world, learning more about the lore and the world. In most games, this comes in the form of questing. In open world games, maybe less questing, but more epicness in nuggets of lore found in the world. 

If lore is basically meaningless to the people playing this game and has no real bearing on things you do in the game, and if people really do just travel from one capture point to another PvPing, then please let me know so I don't waste my money and your time. 


  • Riotact007Riotact007 Member UncommonPosts: 243
    I'm level 30 and don't play for pvp. The lore, atmosphere, graphics and immersion are simply amazing! I have spend the entire time, gathering, mining, crafting and killing npcs and loving every minute of it. 
    Crafting is so indepth and extremely rewarding. Definitely worth the money.
  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,332
    Hence  why i played FFXI for all those years.NO other game offered the freedom of FFXI..NONE,notta one.
    Could play every single class on the same player,could switch nation allegiance,could level anywhere,do every single quest if you wanted to.You could craft in every profession,NO i repeat NO ALTS needed.

    LORE?  Tons of Lore ,problem is you missed the  boat as it is 16 or so years old now.I still play it once in awhile for free.

    I look back all those years ago and i truly thought i would see a lot more games just like but with more depth,more features,better graphics ,but NOTHING has come along,all i see is really cheap low budget games doing very little.
    So i spend more time playing some of my many older games or hop around on a few TCG's.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • I-SEE-UI-SEE-U Member CommonPosts: 9
    hey nate 1980 gloria victis is a great game if for all types of people if u are a hardcore pvper or a person who want to craft or be that guy whos the best in a battle u can its all about the players is a heavy pvp / crafting / looting game and guild base so if u dont like pvp u can be the crafter for ur guild and these people are highly respected due to the fact they are very valuable for a guild and can craft the best gear and in return make ur fighter / pvper in ur guild the best equipped and will reck in battle so there is some thing for every one in this game. this game is the best i have played and the devs are the most active and approachable iv ever had the pleasure to work with so i hope this help and if u need any thing at all just ask or pm me.

  • centaurulcentaurul Member CommonPosts: 5
    combat : heavy and inconclusive
    craft : wrong leveling(destroy the economy)
    mobs : too hard, pvp with PVE
    level : hard alone
    items : too many and same
    battle : bite and run
    but is alpha !
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