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  • MrMelGibsonMrMelGibson Member EpicPosts: 3,025
    Driving your Nomad in this game is simply TURRIBAD!!! UGH....
    I'm just curious.  Did you play ME1? Because I found the nomad to be a huge upgrade from the mako.  Once I learned to switch between AWD and RWD at the right times I found it a breeze.  Also got a lot better after getting many upgrades.  I can understand though not everyone will enjoy it.
  • YoofaloofYoofaloof Member UncommonPosts: 217
    I must be easily pleased or there is something wrong with me but I think the animations, story and dialogue are fine.
  • ulrick1965ulrick1965 Member UncommonPosts: 9
    edited March 2017
    Love the game and am having a great time. Most of the bugs I have encountered have been on the multiplayer side.
    People seem to love to hate. Neverending abuse on this game from those who have not even spent money to play the game. Not sure why so much hate is invested by people who have not even purchased the game. Seems silly to me.
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