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Nice graphics. Where?



  • hatefulpeacehatefulpeace Member UncommonPosts: 621
    Geez bad graphics? Bad combat animations? The fluid movements of the Maewa and Dark Knight are awesome. The Witch and Sorceress attacks are simply stunning.The attack strings and combat are outstanding , maybe it's just my musheen fooling me? And I'm saying this and I seem to be getting DC'd on a regular basis since the last patch. Someone needs to clean their glasses.
    Maybe they have the settings messed up, or maybe they are trolling. I know when I first started the game, I thought the graphics looked bad, because I didnt know about the settting, that will downscale resolution. I recently got a 4k tv, and I downloaded it to check out 4k. It def doesn't look bad. There aren't many games that can compare to this, even single player ones. 

    I equal 4k BDO, to skyrim modded as far as graphics go. The only real difference is that they made the pop in distance worse in BDO, because there are a crap ton of things that are around you. 

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