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Player's Choice Awards - The Best MMO of 2016 a Awards at



  • DeathFromAboveDeathFromAbove Member UncommonPosts: 112
  • eddieg50eddieg50 Member UncommonPosts: 1,807
    I had to go SWTOR, maybe Lotro second and FF14 third. ESO bores the piss out of me and I can only drink so much mead
  • TalulaRoseTalulaRose Member RarePosts: 1,247

    Sorry, but the only "award" SWTOR deserves is "How to trash a multimillion dollar IP as asininly as you possibly can."

    Bioware has made it blatantly obvious that they are out of touch with their players, and the only thing that matters is how -they- think the game should be played, no matter how much people say they don't like things they do. Which sadly isn't very fun. But Bioware things like gearing RnG is "exciting" and "thrilling".

    They also think 5 plus year old bugs are things to be ignored. Things like male characters wearing bras. (Vector Hylus & Lord Scourge) Ok if your part of the Rocky Horror Picture show, not so much for inspiring awe in players.

    They do deserve a Razzie Award for excelling at lying to their customers repeatedly though.

    Game is going strong.....just saying.
  • kimochiikimochii Member UncommonPosts: 7
    Project Gorgon
  • silkakcsilkakc Member UncommonPosts: 381
    Other - LoTRO
  • Dragon43591Dragon43591 Member UncommonPosts: 47
    Honestly. None of these games should be on this list, theyve been around for years and have turned the player base into pay to win money grubbing ass holes who think you have to be the best to enjoy a game and its either pvp or its not a game. Stupid.
  • defector1968defector1968 Member UncommonPosts: 449
    i vote for SWTOR coz i play only Sci-Fi games and i dont like much space sims
  • patlefortpatlefort Member UncommonPosts: 142
    ELOA. Still more fun than the rest despite its problems.
  • kitaradkitarad Member EpicPosts: 5,225
    ESO is definitely winning so let WoW and BDO duke it out for second place.

  • magebitmagebit Member UncommonPosts: 1
    Gotta give it to Runescape.
  • PappabeardkPappabeardk Member UncommonPosts: 14
    Voted for Asheron's Call, my first MMO love.

    Farewell my friend, it's been real

  • baphametbaphamet Member RarePosts: 3,305
    ESO for me as well.
  • jonp200jonp200 Member UncommonPosts: 453
    I continue to have a lot of love for ESO. Highly critical of the game at launch; the development team has turned it into a real winner. I keep logging in for more.

    Playing ESO on my X-Box

  • postlarvalpostlarval Member EpicPosts: 2,003

    And the winners of MMOs for 2016 are: MMOs not made in 2016...lets get some better games folks so we dont have to keep going back to games that are a few years old now.

    I don't remember seeing the word 'new' in the poll title.
    ~~ postlarval ~~

  • NobleNerdNobleNerd Member UncommonPosts: 759

    ESO by virtue of what they have been doing and not giving a shit about any of the competition. Their all money hungry, but at least with eso you get something for your money. Game has come a loooonnnngggggggggg way since launch.

    Money hungry? ZOS has by far the most over priced Crown Store items in an MMO! That said ESO is a good game for single player rpg feel. Once you step outside of that it becomes less fun with performance, lag , unchecked exploits and cheats, etc. If I was interested in an MMO to play single player then ESO is top of the list.

  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 34,367
    So, where is the final results? Still data scrubbing?

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    "I need to finish" - Christian Wolff: The Accountant

    Just trying to live long enough to play a new, released MMORPG, playing POE at the moment.

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  • KelarleeKelarlee Member UncommonPosts: 24
    As old nerd i voted for WoW. I tried every game in this list and bought ESO along time ago. But i dont know, something in this game i dont like, maybe because its more single player game then mmo. In dungeons or world bosses fighting mechanic looks so hilarious. Every one staying in one point in front of boss and doing their skills. It was really boring so i just stoped playing ESO :(
  • GorweGorwe Member EpicPosts: 6,227
    Can someone honestly and calmly explain to me what they see in ESO. I just can't get into it.
  • QuarterStackQuarterStack Member RarePosts: 420
    edited February 2017

    Frigida said:

    ESO feels like a breath of fresh air in a world of MMOs that are just deteriorating in the name of progress.


    Seeing ESO take it, and by such a significant margin, has pretty much confirmed what I've been saying for a long time now. It's one of the only titles on the market right now that truly deserves to be called a MMORPG. It's one of the only ones that gives its players an actual *world* to explore, experience and inhabit, instead of just a linear collection of playfields designed specifically around moving the player along a pre-defined path. Even for all their missteps and questionable decisions in the past, Zenimax gets it.

    It delivers a quality experience, in a beautiful, detailed living world. It has excellent writing that doesn't insult your intelligence, delivered through consistently good-to-great voice acting. It delivers challenges that stray from the typical "kill and collect" errands that others on the list (like XIV and its contemporaries) rely on almost exclusively. It places you in an internally consistent world where all jokes, metaphors and references are rooted in the world of Nirn/Tamriel, and (again, unlike XIV and its contemporaries) does not lazily rely on cheesy real world cultural references and "nod-winks" in lieu of original lore and dialog.

    And on the other end of the spectrum, there's FFXIV which is pretty much right where it belongs in the rankings, near the bottom. ARR started off strong with 2.0, but has progressively gone further and further off-track, to the extent it's pretty much at the complete opposite end of the spectrum from ESO. Yoshida and his team *don't* get it. Yoshida has made so many excuses about why things couldn't be added to XIV, claiming it couldn't be done, or would be "too hard", or "limited resources because console". Meanwhile, ESO is over here doing every one of those things capably, despite also being on console, and dealing with those same limitations.

    ESO and FFXIV is a wonderful 1-to-1 comparison between a true modern MMORPG (ESO), and a "me-too" pretender to the genre (FFXIV). It's the difference between a MMORPG built to flesh out and draw players into its universe (ESO), and one merely milking as much nostalgia and fan-service as possible (FFXIV). Matt Firor and his team at ZOS know what they're doing. Yoshida and his team at SE can't seem to figure it out, if they were even ever really trying..

    Apart from setting and specific game systems, ESO is exactly the kind of MMORPG experience I had hopes FFXIV would grow into. An engaging, interesting and entertaining adventure in a self-contained, internally consistent world. Sadly, Yoshida seems intent, and content, to reduce it to paper thin fan-service simulator with quests and loot, where people care more about what glamour their character is wearing than the content they're doing to obtain it.

    Well done, Matt Firor and team.
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  • wahala99wahala99 Member UncommonPosts: 147
    SWTOR in my experience is the best Game Ever Made so far. I have been playing it for 5 years and can always find something new to do. Though they seem to be meandering to find perfection ... they make some errors ... but the errors aren't that bad and you can do something else anyway. I don't see how they pack so much into the game for the price (especially with all the haters out there) There is not one "News" entry on MMORPG for instance. They must hate bioware's new owner.

    If Ya Ain't Dyin, Ya Ain't Tryin

  • aCi11i3saCi11i3s Member UncommonPosts: 54
    ESO is the mmo for those that want zero challenge and want a super console casual experience. Endgame is a joke and "One Tamriel" makes me want to rip my fingernails out with pliers before I type this...just so it hurts more to do so. If you're voting for this broken mess...please live a little. explore the gaming world. Or maybe the 'world' has just become accustomed to an 'easy mode' filled with mediocrity.
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