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What is there to look forward to?

somersaultsamsomersaultsam Member UncommonPosts: 230
Genuine question.... 

I have said this many times before, but I'll repeat it for the amusement of all naysayers out there... ESO is the only mmo that is worth playing at the moment. Admittedly, I've burnt out on it, so I am taking a break, but there is no other mmo that comes close. 

I should caveat that to say i have not played wow since everything started to go wrong in wotlk.... but I would put that on a par with having not played GW1 in a few years or Dungeon Runners since it was discontinued. Why would you play something that is obsolete? 

Back in the wow's/ GW1's prime, they were considered genuinely GOOD/GREAT games with ratings that were comparable to single player games. That no longer happens. Every new mmo release seems a cheap money grab, or an indie experiment that over-reaches. 

So my question is, what is there to look forward to. What mmo's are going to revive a moribund genre? 


  • WellspringWellspring Member EpicPosts: 1,328
  • monochrome19monochrome19 Member UncommonPosts: 715
    I'm looking forward to Dauntless, Crowfall, and a few others. Although, I'm not holding my breath. I haven't played an MMO seriously since ... Cataclysm? As you said, there aren't many MMOs worth playing. The problem for me is, I like certain aspects of games but everything else is a deal breaker.

    I like BDOs graphics, but that's it.
    I like ESOs universe, but that's it.
    I like B&S combat/PvP, but that's it.
    I like WoW, but I'm burned out and it feels dated.
    I like FFXIVs PvE, music, and world, but that's it.

    Every game feels like it does something extremely well but outside of that, its not worth playing. I've pretty much given up on playing MMOs seriously anymore.
  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,246
    Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord.
  • MaurgrimMaurgrim Member RarePosts: 1,271
    Only 2 games are on my radar.
    Ashes of Creation.
  • SiugSiug Member UncommonPosts: 1,257
    Pantheon for me.
  • ste2000ste2000 Member EpicPosts: 6,194
    edited January 2017

    I like FFXIVs PvE, music, and world, but that's it.

    What else do you need?
    The Combat isn't too shabby either.

    Personally I am waiting for Pantheon, Crowfall and Camelot.

  • NycteliosNyctelios Member EpicPosts: 3,815
    I'm waiting for the next FF14 expansion (super excited).
    And some far away projects such New World and Star Citizen.

    Everything else I was waiting for seems like is going downhill. =/
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  • mgilbrtsnmgilbrtsn Member EpicPosts: 3,320
    edited January 2017
    I'm looking forward to:

    Albion Online
    Continued ESO development
    Amazon MMO.

    To a lesser extent
    Gloria Victis development

    Wish I was
    BDO development.  Trying to like the game because it has a lot of elements that I like.  However, it's too busy.  Lights, circles, grass, columns of light, pointers.... It's like a carnival.  Just a bit much for me.  Wish there were more options to turn some of this stuff off.

    Amendment 1:

    Long term 
    Star Citizen

    Concentrate on enjoying yourself, and not on why I shouldn't enjoy myself.

  • DaikuruDaikuru Member RarePosts: 797
    Age of Wushu 2
    Ashes of Creation
    Bless Online
    Camelot Unchained
    Chronicles of Elyria
    Lost Ark
    Lineage Eternal
    Peria Chronicles
    Star Citizen

    Many games with potential, but  who knows how they will turn out. :D
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    - Albert Einstein

  • blastermasterblastermaster Member UncommonPosts: 259
    Pantheon and Camelot Unchained are currently the ones I'm looking forward to most.

    I was interested by Crowfall when it was first announced, but the combat and the death mechanics (where you can "respawn" as another class) makes it feel a little too much like a multiplayer lobby game (that's just the feeling I get out of what I've seen so far, have'nt actually played any of it).

    We'll see how that goes once they get closer to release, but my interest in this one has dived quite a bit lately.. hopefully, they will surprise me!

  • drivendawndrivendawn Member RarePosts: 2,143
    Project Gorgon
  • ImutoneImutone Member UncommonPosts: 20
    Dragon Quest X! It's not here quite yet, but there IS a campaign to localize it. Pretty good so far with the forum thread on Dragon's Den reaching 15K views and growing. 

    I believe it will bring something totally fresh to the MMORPG community. 
  • IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 14,388
    Camelot Unchained and Cyberpunk 2077 + a few hors d'oeuvres
    “Microtransactions? In a single player role-playing game? Are you nuts?” 

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  • azarhalazarhal Member RarePosts: 1,398
    edited January 2017
    I'm not looking forward to anything outside a few single player games. All the MMOs "in the making" are PvP-centric or focus on survival and I have no interest in that. As for existing MMOs.

    I'm waiting to see the changes to LoTRO promised this year, always waiting for GW2 story updates (although I don't play the game outside of that) and plan on playing a bit of Wildstar (before it is too late). Also, I will try to get a character to level cap in SWTOR (a new one*), but I tend to get burned by overquesting**.

     *If I leave a MMO for a while, I can't get back into my existing characters, I have to create a new one.
     **Not just a MMO thing, there is a limit to the amount of cutscenes I can handle while doing quests. I had the same issue in The Witcher 3 for example.
  • PottedPlant22PottedPlant22 Member RarePosts: 800
    NCSoft is working on a new MMO.  Rumor is that it might be Aion2.
  • DaikuruDaikuru Member RarePosts: 797
    NCSoft is working on a new MMO.  Rumor is that it might be Aion2.
    I really hope it will be Aion 2, i loved Aion.
    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    - Albert Einstein

  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 17,827
    FFXIV is more playable than ESO and BDO put together,so there are a few options.
    However if you don't like those 3,there really is no option in the mmorpg choice of games.

    There is ONLY 1 game in the mmorpg i am remotely looking forward to  and that is still a medium expectation of things.That would be the mobile version of FFXI.If it is simply a reboot/port to mobile,i am not interested,if it is something new,i might be interested.

    Aside from that who is big enough,with enough clout/money/manpower to actually pull off a triple A game?

    Here is a good question...ok legit gaming has been going on for 30 years,i actually started 35 when PC's were just starting to go mainstream.In that long time period,name one mmorpg that gives us a complete BASIC game?Teso never released with housing,FFXIV was dam near impossible to attain,EQ series was cash shop and FFXI was a small room like moghome.

    So if we narrow down to a complete BASIC game,we would say EQ2?Being that it had decent graphics,water zones,crafting,Lore,races,factions,collecting etc etc.ONE game !!NOBODY else is doing it out of the box on release day.The most expensive game EVER built will be Star citizen because Chris himself said his $$ was worth 5x,that means 5x100+mil=500+ mil worth of game design and it will NOT be a complete BASIC game.
    Point being,don't hold your breathe waiting for that Triple A mmoprpg,it ain't coming anytime soon.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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