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Hero Spotlight: Wu - Gigantic Videos - MMORPG.com

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imageHero Spotlight: Wu - Gigantic Videos - MMORPG.com

Thanks to his exceptional agility and blazing-fast striking ability, Wu belongs on the front lines of the clash in Gigantic, manhandling the opposition with fists of fury.

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    Being a battle toads and kung fu mark Wu was the character I was most excited to play, unfortunately he falls into a tough spot. His DPS is high and his armor low but compared to the other melee DPS he doesn't seem to do quite enough damage to compensate for his lack of armor. As a result most people seem to go with the other melee DPS classes, Tyto (think WOW combat rogue-but no stealth) or Tripp (think WOW stealth - pop and crit rogue).
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