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Was this game a bigger con than No Man's Sky?



  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 35,779
    snowman22 said:
    Um , hey OP the game was stopped due to the fact the engine it was made on went bankrupt. cant finish a game on an engine that has no support. it was even hosted on the engine designers servers, per contract. so not like any of the other constarters.. this was just bad planning on engine used. however all those who backed still will get access when or if the new game is fully built.
    Don't worry about it, the OP is totally clueless ! 

    Repop was playable for over a year before the problems with HeroEngine's solvency forced them to move to another platform. You can't continue building a game on an engine when the developer shuts down for 3 months because they're bankrupt. 

    The survival game serves a dual purpose. It gives Repopulation backers something to play while the original game is ported to the new engine. It also gives the devs the opportunity to test assets and code on the new engine. Everything from Fragmented will be used in Repop once the conversion is complete, so the survival game is not a waste in any way.
    Do they sell the survival game now, and with any success?

    If not, where is the funding coming from for the engine conversion?

    One would assume they had a pretty tight budget before the redesign, just wondering where the money comes from to keep the original title moving forward at a steady pace.

    Also, it almost never a good sign when previously forthcoming devs go dark for an extended period of time.

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  • RaxeonRaxeon Member UncommonPosts: 2,267
    Kyarra said:
    I know I regret putting money into this game. I was expecting a SWG clone, instead I get ARK survival. Boring..
    Kyarra said:
    I know I regret putting money into this game. I was expecting a SWG clone, instead I get ARK survival. Boring..
    there still going to dot he repopulation mmo its just fragmeanted is the first part
  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 17,284
    I am pretty sure that there are licensing that is based strictly on success/profits/royalties.Not saying this si what the guy did but most likely.

    Also this was at one point 1/2/3 people so i wouldn't call it a scam,i would say a lot of hard work but never had a chance to be anything amazing.

    As to survival game mode,just look around people are supporting those and every single one of them is near identical,ARK including.However i doubt those who wanted a repop type shooter game would be much interested in an ARK type game,so good luck to them.

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