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Quad pack is on sale again $10

The periodic sale of the Quad pack went on sale again today.  This sale happens every so often and I was expecting it to do it again around Christmas.  It's a good deal if you plan on sticking around because it gives you 4 expansion's and a few new classes.

I was so excited when I found the sale because I wanted to play a Rune-keeper so bad.  I instantly logged into the game to ask the community about the Rune-keeper and its healing.  Well, many say it's not very good at healing unless your well versed and not many are.  I'm finding the same thing across the internet.  Even Youtubes are about dps, very little on healing.   Apparently this class gets a bad reputation............. Good class, just not a very good healer :(

I have to say, its a great deal, but the Rune-keeper for healing was my primary reason.  Now I'm not sure, I guess I'll sleep on it.  I was planning on VIP subbing too.

Why would Turbine make a unique class, then turn around and gimp it ?


  • Po_ggPo_gg Member EpicPosts: 5,749
    Quad-pack is an awesome buy for that price, even just for the tons of quests from Moria till Rohan, not to mention the instances and raids in the expansions (since you said you love group content). You also get +2 character slots :wink:  so in case of altoholism you can look at it as: just bought 2 more slots, and they gave me 4 expansions with it for free :lol:

    Why would Turbine make a unique class, then turn around and gimp it ?
    They didn't... what you see and read, that's the players. RK is really good at healing, in some cases (depends on the encounter) even better than the mini. And the "bad rep" is mostly a joke, calling them lore-breakers :wink:
    It's in the history I guess, LotRO had no mages (as in, massive dps, mobile, glass-cannon, etc. remember we're in the peak (or depth) of the wow-era), so when RK arrived many players jumped on it as "finally, I can pew pew!". And they really could, back then the mini wasn't the powerhouse dps-machine as it is today (I still blame Orion), hunters were mobile but average, or great but then had to stop for seconds, and LMs were more into CC. Then arrived RK, and it was massive ranged dps while on the run - it quickly became THE ranged dps class, so the healing part was put back on the shelves (at the extreme with character names like NeverHeal :wink: )
    Then after HD and trait trees (and quick swaps) kinda put on the shelves their other main benefit, the Attunement system, which was a really great idea back then (wow-era, tedious respec and stuff), you can do two roles, heal and dps, and switching between them at will, even while in combat. Heck, TSW is all about flexibility, but even there you need to be out-of-combat for changing you deck...
    (and same applies for the trait tree change in LotRO, so RK still has that flexibility advantage - too bad only a few players use it... I loved swinging back and forth on the Attunement bar according to the situation)

    Sorry for the rambling, in short, if you're curious about the RK, give it a go. It is a very good dps class, and also a great healing class. Just easier to play dps-only with them, that's why you find mostly those on the web. In capable hands, RK does huge heals, support and also damage, and it is fun to play.
    (plus, you get the warden too, which has maybe my most favoured mechanic, and since I don't used to like combat, it means a lot :wink:  gambit system is really fun, and highly flexible)

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