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Best mmo to be released in 2006 ?



  • EponineEponine Member Posts: 2

    I have followed a lot of MMOs and reading AoC's Devs postings about where they are taking this game is very encouraging.

    They have a great license (Conan), great concepts for combat (realtime), awesome community, adult-orientation (m-rating) and most importantly in my book they have experience (AO).

    Vanguard has an amazing pedigree but after reading a ton of "grinding is good" posts from Sigil's devs I lost interest.

    Age of Conan and Darkfall (even if its just Shadowbane on a good engine) are the two I most want to play.

  • Kaynos1972Kaynos1972 Member Posts: 2,316
    I hope so !  So many deceptions recently, Dark and Light, D&D, we need a good MMORPG soon !  I have confidence in Funcom, Anarchy Online is an awesome game, i hope they will do great with Conan.   It sure look great now, i hope it stays that way.
  • Ken`ShieroKen`Shiero Member Posts: 289
    I agree with everyone who had something positive to say about the game. And one can olny hope that it will play as well as it looks. Lets be serious and not get our hopes too high because we all know the higher you put them the harder you will hit dissapointment.

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  • amaterasamateras Member Posts: 5

    best MMO?

    I doubt it urself a favour - don't get lost in the all the hype, look at it for urself
    it's another treadmill game with a single player tutorial ...

    u wanna see really "innovative" games? look for huxley -

  • ohsnapitbillohsnapitbill Member Posts: 13

    this game is no where CLOSE to be the numba 1 game not even #1 mmo this game looks like u run around using ur fists and doing backflips. whoever gets this game should seek help i give this game 35 hours until it bores you good luck.image

    from mr. bill bill

  • warfarinwarfarin Member Posts: 60

    It's hard to say but I do think it stands out above the D&D game and LotR game that some might know and look forward to.  Also more appealing than that Pirate boat combat game that is getting lots of hype.  So really what are you gonna look forward to  if you are into fantasy - I would say Vangaurd and Conan.  Conan might be too risky with innovations but really if you are gonna fail don't fail being safe really give it a good try with something you believe in.  Same goes for Vangaurd - I hope they dont whimp out as well.

    We dont need another cheesy game for all the people that want a simple game that it is all about getting to the max level and doing nothing.  I personally want to be sad when I get to the level cap because there is less of a journey to have.  It is not about being 60 or 100 its about the journey and I have yet to really find a game that makes that journey all that great.  Some have come close but maybe Conan with some new freash ideas might be the one to break the mold.

    It is worth watching, and at some point beta will open up and at some point people will start to talk about it.

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  • Dark_SumerianDark_Sumerian Member Posts: 14

    I won't jump the gun and say this will be the best MMO out there upon release, why set myself up for a potentially devastating disappointment?

    What I will do is express my hope and optimism for AoC.  Funcom has experience behind them, and good experience at that.  AO is a widely respected game.  AoC will not become vaporware, and the odds are in its favor that it will in fact be a decent game, if not a very good one.  It has a chance to be great.

    The developer is a proven developer.  The next reason for optimism and hope is the license.  Conan is right up there with Lotr as a definition of Fantasy.  Lotr is more High Fantasy while Conan is more of a Dark Fantasy.  It is a fantastic license based in a wonderful world which can boost the immersion factor and help the gamer overlook certain flaws the game may have that other non-licensed games will suffer from.  Even if all you know of Conan is Ah-nuld's 2 movies, you will still get a boost from the license.

    The third reason for my optimism, in my case at least, is that this is Dark Fantasy.  The world will be gritty, mature, dark, offensive and politically incorrect on varying degrees.  This is a brutal, yet beautiful place full of contradictions and shades of gray.  As long as being a "Dark Mage" is more than just shadowbolts and health-leech spells, the Darker elements of this world can truly add alot of depth previously unseen in this genre.

    I also have my reservations as well however.  The combat sounds fun, but what if it's chaotic?  especially with pvp?  Will it revert to old fashioned twitch gameplay?  can a spell caster have a chance against some broadsword wielding brute?  Will it's "Mature" rating simply mean excessive sexuality and bloody violence?  Will the game be able to avoid balance issues and constant nerfing?  Will the game be Roleplayer friendly?

    There are still too many questions to be asked for me to say it will be the best MMOG.  I am not even sure if it is a true MMOG or a combination single player game with a hefty online component?  But...things look very promising.

    Age of Conan, Hero's Journey and Vanguard command my interest.  I have high hopes for all three.

  • JacobinJacobin Member RarePosts: 1,009

    It is the only game that appears to be adressing the issue of boring click and watch combat, so its the only game that I have any interest in at the moment.

    It has a good chance of being the best pvp mmorpg in 2006.

  • anubisroanubisro Member Posts: 1

    If the game will be everything FUNCOM says it will be then we have a winner for the best MMORPG of this year.

    I trully look forward to it.

  • AceundorAceundor Member Posts: 482

    Funcom have built my expectations up quite nicely. Im looking forward to giving it a try.

    I especially enjoy the focus on dark fantasy. It gives an extra twist for the grown up player. However it has to have some light and goodness in it as most people like the "light side of the force" better than the dark.

    I also hope that it is easy to solo it after the first 10 levels as im not much of a guild player. Thats what took the fun out of WOW for me since i found it increasingly difficult to have fun soloplaying after reaching lvl 50. Dont get me wrong I love interacting with others but I dont want to depend on it.

    Originally posted by BishopB:

    Are a lot of the trolls just angry kids with old gaming hardware?

  • DelanovDelanov Member UncommonPosts: 5

    For me its most iteresting game in development.
    Im looking forward to give it a try.


    1. Funcom made this. Anarchy Online is one of the best i have played.
    2. I love Conan and his dark fantasy universum.
    3. Coplexity of the game look nice.

  • CymekCymek Member Posts: 340

    Originally posted by dominit
    Does anyone else think that this game has the potential to be the best mmo to be released in 2006? Personaly I think it looks amazing from what ive read and seen on here and on the official web site for the game it looks fantastic.image
    Great pvp, character build progresion and nice solo player to multi player transition.
    Anyone else feel the same???image

    Age if Conan and Chronicles of Spellborn are the only two future releases I am really following.

    After the NGE fiasco, I am currently MMO homeless, looked at everything, but nothing is really striking me as something I want to play right now.

    But one of these two games will probably fill that void.

    AoC is rated M, which I like and the graphics look great. CoS is just striking a note with me.....can't place what it is, but when I browse their website, something in my brain is saying 'that is something I want to play'.

  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 19,332

    Yes i give it a very good chance of being in the top 5.But way to early to give it the thumbs up.I also like SUN and HUXLEY as worthy opponents.

    Almost always there is something about a game that i see as a deffinate downfall or failure to the game,so far this game is doing things right :D

    I am sure that if PvP is in the game i will deffinately find fault in it,as IMO they dont belong in MMO's,PvP is FPS no changing the fact.At least in FPS's the fight areas are designed to be tactical and skills way heavy in victory.In a massive world like MMO's ,the battle areas offer nothing to skill.I guess you could add instances,but blah to that boring idea.

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  • PantasticPantastic Member Posts: 1,204

    I think it's got a good shot at it, certainly will be better than Vanguard by my standards since it's not yet another raiding game.

  • HelternHeltern Member Posts: 193

    Originally posted by Dinion

    Lucky for AoC that SOE isn't going to be running it though ::::20::.

    You have a wonderful way with words! We love you, DIE SOE JUST DIE YOU SCUM!!
  • OH~SO HOT~~~
  • HyborianHeroHyborianHero Member Posts: 33

    If this game continues to follow the path it seems determined to take, it will make SOE and SWG's look like the best things to ever happen to gaming. image

  • madleet3madleet3 Member UncommonPosts: 25
    any idea when AOC is coming out soon?

  • LovrNoFightrLovrNoFightr Member Posts: 218

    Originally posted by GrimSkunk2

    Originally posted by drycat

    Originally posted by Dinion Lucky for AoC that SOE isn't going to be running it though .

    A finer point could not have been made..


    SWG pre cu - never forgotten.

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