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Honest Breakdown from an active(ish) player

maxwell999maxwell999 Member Posts: 1

Hi guys I just wanted to let you know what is what with this game I have been playing the game for a number of years in all zones 15,30,goddess and End game kitted in uber gears in every zone.


So in Shaiya what you have is a cracking PvP platform really playable fast paced nice variety of skills etc. Now for the BUT and as you can see its a big BUT and probably should be BUTS lol


Firstly you have the cost this is NOT a free to play game end game PVP will cost you  alot probably somewhere in the region of $6000 lower level PvP zones run at around $1000 upwards with out this investment you are just meat, you will simply by so squishy you are one hit and you will have no attack power so can do no damage on your opponents. You can not farm gears of any worth, you can't make enough money from farming to make uber gears there is no option but to buy them for real money.

Currently zones are having huge magic resist issues meaning casters are very over powered as of this point it has taken 7+ months with no fix and this is very common with in the game, bug's and glitches, server crashes are frequent as of this week the server has been down for Maint twice and crashed on two other occasions and its only Friday lol. We have portal gliches that send you to Prision where you must wait for days on tickets to get your toon back or sends you on to the opposing factions maps where if you kill anyone you run the risk of being banned

There is an anti boting tool which has serverly effected the playability of PvP which effects the use of skills and essentially freezes you to the spot. This is just a tiny portion of the bugs in game do check the AGE forums and read up on all the issues pertaining to glitches and huge PvP class imbalance .


Ap really does rule the roost with more and more items being non tradeable in game so you can only buy them from the Mall, if they were to give a slight advantage It wouldnt be an issues but accessories that give more stat points the fully linked sets?  thats the level of imbalance that AP causes.


Now just to cover the current non PvP related play, the game was a total grind'a'thon EXP from quests was minimal  with the arrival of EP7 they introduced a new dungeon which allows you to level very quickly the IS dungeon or cores as its known. The effect of cores is two fold now 90% of the game is deserted all these maps empty from everyone, No point trying to grind them if you can't get a party which you can't s there is no one on them, the second part is that because you can level so quickly you have lots of lvl 80s running around with no gears and no idea of how to play their class it's a nightmare.

Furthermore we are seeing A LOT of people leaving the game is getting quieter and quieter and more and more of the long term well known players re leaving the game. When they first merged 4 servers into 1 it ws busy lost of people and it was fun for a while now if there is more then  few hundred players on at any time i'd be surprised

Of the 100 or so Uber endgame PvPers at lest 1/5 have there sets up for sale and are leaving the game if your interested a set with out ACCs are going for around 1500 ops the Accs a further 800-1000ops then you just need 4 weapons at around 200ops per a piece lol but do check barter I counted more the 20 uber sets for sale and its growing dialy

If you don't read any of the above post please read this section


Superman the PM head of Shaiya EN stated in the forums  That Nexon are working on Shaiya 2 and that Shaiya was only purchased so they could learn how to run and program a game like this which they had no real knowledge in and the rites to make a sequel. With shaiya 2 being worked on this game has at best a few years left before it is closed in the mean time we are  lab experiment don't get sucked in I come back for my friends but even many of them are quitting. Don't spend thousands of dollars on a dying game with terrible customer service huge PvP imbalance look else where guys


  • SephrosSephros Member UncommonPosts: 428
    Ok. Thanks

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  • zoejoyzoejoy Member CommonPosts: 1
    Any news about Shaiya?
  • filmoretfilmoret Member EpicPosts: 4,906
    edited December 2016
    Its more p2w then any game I have ever seen.  Its fun if you don't want to pvp ever.  Extremely grindy in terms of leveling.
    Are you onto something or just on something?
  • yucklawyersyucklawyers Member UncommonPosts: 240
    It's Nexon. What did you expect? You have been warned.
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