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A few questions about game mechanics and suggestions


So, I'm new to SWTOR. I do have some questions before I give it a shot this weekend.

Can light and dark sides play together? The new expansion makes it sound like you can pick light or dark, does that mean they are gone as separated player base factions and only exist as reputation points or something similar to that?

I've read up on tanks and healers, it appears multiple class types can fill the role, with the right player attention. Which are seriously, legitimately, if you had your pick of which to invite to a hard group, the best tank or healer in your opinion?

What US-based server is the best? I noticed harbinger has the highest population and I think it is also west coast, where I am at, but which RP server has the most people or is the best? Which server do you have the most fun on with other people?

If you have any other suggestions for two new players coming in this weekend, please let me know! Thanks.

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  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 30,954
    I do know that you can be on either side and be either dark or light. So I was on the Imperial side (Sith) but went for light side points.

    I don't believe that each faction can play together but I that was a while ago when I played along with people so current players would have to answer that.
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  • Atlan99Atlan99 Member UncommonPosts: 1,332
    As Sovrath said Dark and Light can play together. However Republic and Empire can't play together.

    Each advanced class has 3 specs. Most classes have either 1 tank spec and 2 damage specs or 1 healing spec and 2 damage specs although there are a few advanced classes that only have 3 different damage specs. Tanks and healers are obviously the most sought after specs, just like any other mmo.

    Not sure about servers aside from Harbringer. It's definitely packed, though sometimes I wonder if the server is overloaded. I get server lag from time to time. Might be on my end but I don't really have any problems outside of SWTOR.
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