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Key Changes for Longevity

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  • F2PlagueF2Plague Member UncommonPosts: 232
    I went back to one of the classic servers earlier this year. I got 3-4 months out of it just riding the nostalgia train. As much as I can agree with all of your opinions at the same time it wouldn't be Lineage 2 anymore. I don't really understand your comparison to Black Desert as its basically a completely different genre of MMO and BD was a steaming pile of shit. But to each their own I suppose. They will never change the formula for Lineage or Lineage 2 because they are still raking in the dollars from them in the asian market. More specifically Korea. Lineage eternal looks interesting, I am kinda looking forward to it but I still have hopes for a supposedly in the works "Lineage 3".
  • BK2O1BK2O1 Member UncommonPosts: 91
    edited December 2016
    They need to have an update that will bring people back to the game and spark some new interest. Revamp old hunting grounds and introduce new ones for the lower levels, 1-97, and make grouping up during those levels more enticing. What I wouldn't give to party in SODA at level 87. Stay on top of bots with active gms and fun events, not cash shop events. Don't open up a new server and then sell boxes with boss weapons and jewels when nobody has even killed a boss yet. Just for starters...

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