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New Guild looking for more

blackthornnblackthornn Member UncommonPosts: 611
Necrophim is looking for more for Pantheon Launch.

Yes, it's way early for guild spam
Yes, it's a game with some negative comments
Yes, it's reliving the glory days of MMO's
Yes, we want to play this
Yes, we believe

Your rep is our rep.  Don't be a d!@k. Don't troll channels for kicks.  Do not train purposefully (mistakes happen. Own up to it when it does).  If you get into a flame war in public take it to tells.  Do not flame or ridicule others of the guild in public channels.  Do not trash talk other guilds in public.  If you look bad we look bad.  If we look bad as guild you will be judged by your tag.  Remember, Pantheon is a game where reputation matters again. 

Loot : Greed before need.   If a drop is tradeable all in attendance can and should roll for it.  No hard feelings will happen.  If you can use that nice shiny new magic sword as an upgrade but the mage can use the gold that sword earns for an upgrade we should be fair.  You can opt out of a roll, or offer to sell your roll result to another.  If any class defining items that are tradeable drop an officer in attendance can decide to claim for the guild and it will be assigned to a member of that class but it is the guild's not theirs, when they out grow it it is to be returned to an officer for banking.  No drop items will be randomed by those that can use.  (Class defining being those super rare select items like blade of carnage or ghoulbane in eq or similar...not every random item that drops, this will be hella rare)

Working at launch on the assumption that higher level gear will sell for higher prices and that higher level crafting/spells/etc will be more expensive than lower level items, and on the assumption you can select the range rolled, guilders rolling on an item will /ran 1 to twice their character level, highest roll wins.  So Dave the level 10 warrior can /ran 1 20, while Danica the level 9 rogue can /ran 1 18 giving Dave a slight edge but nothing unfair.

The guild is expected to group together as much as it can.  How can we learn how each other play without grouping?  We will learn to cover each other's weak points and work as a team.  If a group of 5 (let's assume full group size) is 4 guildies and a non guild member and the non member leaves the group add a LFG guild member first over an outsider. 

Open acceptance: while not a RP guild and we won't host RP (or really many other) events we do welcome rpers in the guild as a place to hang out ooc and level with cool ppl.  We aren't flagging ourselves as a raid guikd, as LGBT friendly guild or a casual guild or a leveling guild (where you level then leave your friends to hang with raiders you don't even know) or a PvP guild.   We are us.  We hang out, work as a team and kick some digital ass.   

What we won't accept is hate speech, racism, religion/culture bashing, sexism, harassment.  

We play these games to have fun, not to find a captive audience for our soapbox.

Playing to win.   There isn't a big shiny button at the end of a raid that makes you win Pantheon….or there better not be (looking at you Dev Team).  We will get to raids as a team, when we are ready to.  I want to raid, he wants to raid, she wants to raid and I'm guessing you do too (or atleast are willing to try one or three).  We will get there eventually but it will not be our only reason to log in.

Raids will not be a DKP system based off attendance.  If you are there for that fight you get a roll to claim to what drops that fight (you helped get to the loot that day didn't you?).  We have lives, kids, appointments, softball games, things outside THE GAME (Gasp).   

In this guild the officers will not be a clique conspiring amongst themselves.  Officers will be expected to mingle and group throughout the guild, not huddle in their own xp groups.

Thanks for reading my wall of text.  I'm looking forward to this game, and hope you are aswell.  If this ramble interests you, lets get to planning.  Lets take Terminus by storm.
 Grouping in Old school mmo's: meeting someone at the bar and chatting, getting to know them before jumping into bed.  Current mmo's grouping: tinder.  swipe, hookup, hope you don't get herpes, never see them again.
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  • delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 7,009
    Sounds good :)

    But I have to say your coming across a little strong at the gate.
  • MrMelGibsonMrMelGibson Member EpicPosts: 3,029
    edited December 2016
    Seems you have a good foundation for a guild.  My only concern is your looting system. I think its a great system if you have pugs in your group or friends from other guilds.  But the idea that a guild would give a substantial upgrade to someone who can't use it so they can sell it doesn't sit well with me.  Seems counter productive in getting your guild geared up for harder content.  But I wish you luck either way.
  • blackthornnblackthornn Member UncommonPosts: 611
    edited December 2016
    I don't see how it can be considered counter productive.  It's fully fair this way.  You do have to look at it without bias tho.

    Yes, the warrior could use that plate BP of piercing resistance, which would help the guild.  But the wizard could sell said BP and use the coin to buy a player crafted bracer of fire amplification which also helps the guild (and if bought from a guildie they can also afford an upgrade now...two for one).  The cleric could use the BP to less effect than the warrior, but could trade it for a holy lantern of healy light, also helping the guild.
    So either a tank with more HP, a caster with a 20% DPS increase for fire dmg or a healer healing 5% more per cast...all good options for the guild.

    Ever have a string of luck where nothing for your class drops for 6 days of farming a zone while that guy walks out re-geared after claiming need on everything that drops?  That's more fair? That helps the guild more?  Reminds me of guilds that filter all gear to one tank (usually an officer) to the detriment of all the rest in the hopes of having an ace raid tank asap (that guy normally jumps ship, geared, to a more successful guild screwing everyone else over I find).

    I was skeptical of this system myself when I first encountered it back on eq, but it works and works well.   And note that it's only for gear that can be passed along.  Think eq...planar armor was nodrop so not part of this system, it would be rolled by those that can equip.  Velious armor molds same.  Planar/elemental armor, weapons from innoruuk, vox, naggy....mostly nodrop.

    And let's be honest....this method is up-front about itself.  How many times have you caught someone selling today something they won claiming need yesterday?  Yeah...all...the...time.  :)

    That's the rationale behind this.  I know not all will agree but 1) guild membership isn't for life if you don't want it to be.  Try for yourself.  And 2) launch is atleast a year off.....nothing at all is set in stone right now.

     Grouping in Old school mmo's: meeting someone at the bar and chatting, getting to know them before jumping into bed.  Current mmo's grouping: tinder.  swipe, hookup, hope you don't get herpes, never see them again.
  • MrMelGibsonMrMelGibson Member EpicPosts: 3,029
    edited December 2016
    It's your guild.  You run it however you want.  But from my experience running a high end guild.  This is going to cause a lot of drama for you.  You said the tank that gets geared jumps ship.  How is it any different if that mage gets the plate, sells it and gets better gear and jumps ship?  Simple answer, it's not.  The feeling your loot rules give to me is that it's everyone out for themselves.  The idea of working together means nothing if that piece of gear you've wanted for weeks/months finally drops and a class that can't equip it takes it from you.  I promise you that player will leave your guild in a heart beat.

    As far as people selling gear that they said they need.  Very simple, you tell them to equip it and bound it to themselves.  Problem solved.

    But at the end of the day, it's your show.  So run it however you like.  
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