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Idea to keep game pages upated

DreadToothDreadTooth Member UncommonPosts: 150


I have an idea on how to keep the game pages updated with the most recent events or updated for each game. This may not work with all of the games, but I am confident a skilled person can find a way to make this happen for the rest of the games.

From my experience, most games use static URLs for where they post certain things, like events or updates.

I am sure someone, somehow, can find a way to either monitor and notify or just straight pull and rough draft prepare these newly posted events and updates from the games' respective websites to the website. This way whoever handles updating game pages can either go look at the new event/update notifications that were generated by this monitoring or look at the rough drafts that were prepared by automatically pulling content from those event/update static URLs.

Now, I don't think I would need to explain why looking into and possible working on this would be a good thing. But I'll throw in my 2 cents anyways. Having currently(there are some seriously outdated game pages) and timely updated game pages would give a big boost of activity and life to the website in all of the right ways, not to mention it would help users find MMOs (that's part of the point, right?) that they might otherwise think must be offline (ex. since a game page might be outdated by 8 years). Also, if you did this and notified a game of this, they might be more inclined to give you special events/updates or notices or even contests, which also breeds more activity and life to the website. Win-win!

Please consider this, it would benefit everyone!

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  • Nikkons017Nikkons017 Member UncommonPosts: 104
    its very easily done and its called web scrapping. However, its not very Intellectual property/copyright friendly and its a giant pain as page structure can change frequently times however many different pages you are scrapping. Also, if they wanted you to have this information the companies could build a simple rest api for them to pull the data from, which almost none do because it costs time and money and more server requirements. Thus you are left to do so by hand the majority of the time.
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