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Any game with world pvp and a nice stealth class?

jimMMOjimMMO Member UncommonPosts: 19

are there any MMOs or FPS-MMOs that offer world pvp and a class that has permanent stealth?

What I have played so far that meet my requirements
  • WOW: Large playerbase. PVP servers. 2 classes with perma stealth. Downsides: The time I played, there was almost no world pvp. You have to do so much PVE until you can do world pvp. Spectral Sight skill that make you see stealthed players even through walls with a low cooldown...
  • Planetside 2: Great fun. Stalker Infiltrator has some kind of permanent stealth.
  • Lineage 2: Played it on release. Very fun PVP system. Downsides: I can't stand the graphics now...
  • EVE: Played it alot. Its boring for me now.

Games that almost meet my requirements

  • ESO: Great game but too much skills/potions in game that uncovers you from stealth. No world pvp but Cyrodiil is a huge pvp zone which is nice too.
  • DAoC: My first MMO. I have had a blast. RvR was awesome! I hate to say but graphics are shit and gameplay is clunky compared to todays games :( Tiny playerbase and no pvp servers left...

Games I didn't like at all

  • Wildstar
  • RIFT

nice to have:

  • you can actually gain levels/skills through pvp. so there is no need for questing or grinding.
  • you can start doing pvp even at low levels.
  • i don't like games with isometric views like albion, path of exile, .. it should be a game with first/third person view.


  • A1D3NA1D3N Member UncommonPosts: 276
    Guild Wars 2 i think u can level via pvp, its not open world type but has like open world pvp maps with quests on (i think, its been a few years)

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  • A1D3NA1D3N Member UncommonPosts: 276
    also u can pvp from lvl 1 in the arena!

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  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 36,017
    Archeage 3.0 is about to launch, fresh start servers, stealth last 1 minute and you immediately recast.

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  • cagancagan Member UncommonPosts: 445
    edited October 2016
    ARCHAGE : stealth lasts 5min and can cast immediately and 1 shot anyone if you pay. Next patch they will even get rid of weapon cooldowns (cashshop item) and let you faceroll the keyboard to win
  • xyzercrimexyzercrime Member RarePosts: 878
    A1D3N said:
    Guild Wars 2 i think u can level via pvp, its not open world type but has like open world pvp maps with quests on (i think, its been a few years)
    GW2 doesn't have perma-stealth mechanic.

    Once the duration wears off, you will be revealed either you attack or don't.

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  • OfficerFriendlyEQ2OfficerFriendlyEQ2 Member UncommonPosts: 105
    Griefers n trolls coming out soon. Game of either youre scout or a player with very heavy shoes. Very hard to move with very heavy shoes.
  • bcbullybcbully Member EpicPosts: 10,124
    edited November 2016
    ESO's Cyrodil feels a lot like Wpvp. The Nightblade is the best stealth class I've played in any game. From magical caster to healer to assassin to archer to explosive brute to tank it can do it all.

    rdit- oops didnt read!
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