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  • CycotikwolfCycotikwolf Member UncommonPosts: 3
    My all time favorite mmo would be Wildstar. I enjoyed the humor, setting, storylines and all the characters. The combat was amazingly fun and the dungeons are what sold the game for me. After running that first dungeon, and needing to communicate and work out strategies for each boss and execute it as best as possible. Then there was the awesome community it has. Lota of fun people ans things to do. I dont have as much time to play it due to irl constraints(first child) but still jump on and hang out when i get the chance. Also. Double jump is so much fun. And hoverboards :D
  • NycteliosNyctelios Member EpicPosts: 3,695
    edited October 2016
    My all time favorite mmo, which I'm trying to replace after the disappointment, is Guild Wars 2. It offers both pvp and pve experiences and, what made me play for so long time, many many events with new games and rewards that keeps it fresh and alive. The setting is very appealing to me - and so is the jumping puzzle mechanic - the story line with dialogues and choices (even having little to no impact on the final chapter) are great, I felt like my character was growing on this world and interacting with it.

    Now, LotrO is my to go (and FF14).

    But no matter what I play, nothing feels like Gw2.
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  • KyarraKyarra Member UncommonPosts: 781
    My favorite MMO would be Star Wars Galaxies.For a sandbox game, there was so much to do, I could sit and dance in the cantina without raising my lightsaber, or grind for jedi (which I got pre cu). I miss the freedom, crafting and the people I met in this game so many years ago. No game has come close to this one since :(
  • RnjypsyRnjypsy Member UncommonPosts: 64
    So many favorites for so many reasons but,  going  with time played and friends made,  World of Warcraft takes  top spot.
  • Str8HellStr8Hell Member UncommonPosts: 29
    I would say my favorite MMO currently out is ESO. They have updated the game so much since launch and it really feels like a MMO to me. Huge world with people mostly everywhere giving it a really cool a "alive" feeling that I really enjoy. WoW is in a content drought right now, Tera is a grindy action based Korean style MMO. GW2 is still doing pretty good right now with frequent enough updates, and a good combat system. FFXIV is getting stale as fuck with the same content coming every 6 months with NOTHING new or interesting. BDO is a Korean MMO, nuff said IMHO.
  • ManasuManasu Member UncommonPosts: 212
    Project Gorgon, because freedom and exploration.
    Sandbox MMORPGs that are not very well-known but definitely worth a look:

    Ryzom, Haven and Hearth, Xsyon, The Repopulation, UO private shards, Mortal Online, Darkfall 1 remakes (New Dawn or Rise of Agon), RPG MO, Project Gorgon, EQ: Sanctuary (custom  server)
  • Starbuck1771Starbuck1771 Member UncommonPosts: 375
    Star Wars Galaxies. Why because it had a crafting system that was second to none. The game made me feel like I was really a part of the star wars universe. You could take your friends on your ship and let them be gunners no other game does that currently. The housing system was great as you could design the interior any way you wanted.

  • SavageHorizonSavageHorizon Member RarePosts: 3,429
    I've played MMO's for a long time, starting with Ultima Online in the late 90s and then EQ early 2000s. I've enjoyed most of them but none have touched me like LOTRO. Old school pre CU Star Wars Galaxies was a close second with the emphasis on immersion but LOTRO reigns supreme with drawing me into another world. With other MMOs, I feel like I'm playing a game, with LOTRO I felt tlike I was actually there.

    Everytime I passed the dwarven graves at hollin gate I would stop and bow. When I finally made it to the last bridge it was like, one more step and I'd leave civilization behind me and wonder into the unknown.

    Finding the three trolls and actually standing there staring at them for five minutes knowing that Bilbo and the dwarves plus Gandaff had been here all those years ago.

    We often get threads asking what is the most immersive mmo. We all have our favorites but I would ask anyone to show me a more immersive mmo than lotro. It's got everything and yes it has it's faults but the world, locations and peoples that turbine bought to live is second to none for me.

    See you in Mordor

  • vanojx1vanojx1 Member UncommonPosts: 2
    Wow beacause of Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle! aka RwlRwlRwlRwl Murloc FTW
  • gandalesgandales Member UncommonPosts: 472
    Final fantasy 14, the story is really interesting and the game makes the player to feel the protagonist. Raids are enjoyable and there are so many features like golden saucer, chocobos, platoons, etc
  • deduadedua Member UncommonPosts: 4
    Eve Online - it's the best MMO that i have ever played till the present day. It's rather old with graphic that most average MMO can beat, but gameplay, capabilities and things which you could achive there were much better than what we see in today's MMOs. PK, full loot and open World PvP that are things which I expect that good MMO have, but in today's times they ALL lack those. If your game doesn't have good craft and gathering capabilities then what will you do in those rainy days, when you will get bored from PvE and PvP - and belive me from time to time that time kicks in and then you have to something else.

    I could write more but that will not change that Eve Online rocks. ;)
  • OmniproOmnipro Member UncommonPosts: 23
    My all time favorite MMO is Final Fantasy XIV because I captured the style of it's console siblings wonderfully. The characters, and storylines are epic, and stay with you. They are allways innovating in gameplay, and there is plenty yo do.

    Final Fantasy XI
    Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online

  • OldricOldric Member UncommonPosts: 1
    been playing since beta
    wish i have more time to play games :(
  • LeluuLeluu Member UncommonPosts: 11
    My favourite MMO in development is Chronicles of Elyria. The ideas and concepts behind it are what I'm really looking for: a living and breathing fantasy world ready to be explored and ever-changing due to player influence.
    My favourite MMO currently is Eve Online. Forging your own destiny together with friends is an awesome opportunity. If the world rules would just be a little less rigid.....
  • MeeschaMeescha Member CommonPosts: 6
    edited October 2016
    My favorite MMO of all time would have to be SWG, cause it was soo much fun, could spend hours in the cantina just chatting with people, then hop into a space ship for some space combat, and the crafting was amazing
  • Nickhead420Nickhead420 Member UncommonPosts: 251
    I hate to admit, but WoW is probably still my favorite. It was the first MMO I played and so far nothing else has given me the same or better experience. Some games are prettier or more in depth, but nothing I've played since has had the same wow factor as WoW.
  • FalstaffFalstaff Member UncommonPosts: 78
    Ultima Online will always hold a special place in my heart. It was almost inconceivable nearly 20 years ago to enter a living, vibrant world with 1000's of players.

    Never knew what to expect when dealing with other players. I met many of great friends back in the early days while everyone was learning, and experiences Britannia for the first time.
  • CrazyCronusCrazyCronus Member UncommonPosts: 47
    WoW because its a good game.
  • AdreuAdreu Member UncommonPosts: 31
    Final Fantasy XIV has to be my all time favourite. It simply fills all those PVE sweet spots I so crave for and it does it perfectly. Not to mention it has the best dungeons by far.
  • FusionFusion Member UncommonPosts: 1,398
    edited October 2016
    Neocron is still closest to my heart, even tho the game has seized to exist as it was back in early 2000. It had the setting & the gameplay that i enjoyed the most and thus far none has come close to bringing me that same feeling when playing. I do hope that someday in the future we will get a game similar to it - now totally F2P no cash-shops or micro transactions at all.
  • imlazyxdimlazyxd Member UncommonPosts: 80
    Ragnarok Online would be my favorite. Everything just worked so well together. The style and the music. The music was amazing. The game was also mysterious when I first started playing.
  • mafuszmafusz Member CommonPosts: 2
    My favourite MMO is Metin2. When I had people to play with me I was spending a lot of hours on playing this game. Now I play a little bit less, but everytime when I back to Metin, it brings smile to my face :D
  • GhostRider00GhostRider00 Member UncommonPosts: 25
    The Best MMO that I enjoyed was EQ. I still remember the chaos the Sand Giants caused and the most feared was the Spectres when released from the island cause havoc. It was so funny, i would hide and watch the mayhem the specs caused amongst the other players. 
  • GreeferGreefer Member UncommonPosts: 66
    Aion - because the end game balance between exciting PVP and PVE is done better than any other game I have played. Its a hard to balance mechanic and they truly have done it incredibly well.
  • LanczLancz Member UncommonPosts: 7
    Currently my favorite MMO is Planetside 2, although I've been playing a lot of Overwatch lately. All time favorite would be Everquest tied with the original Planetside :)
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