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accentuating the positive

apocalanceapocalance Member UncommonPosts: 1,073

Here are some things that I've read on the official tcos site that I believe will please me about tcos.

1. "Game content is quest based and includes longer quest chains stretching throughout the player’s life."

I don't like open ended games. I know that about myself. I like to run quests, do missions, whatever. I like them to have a point. I like rewards and I like advancement by doing quests, versus advancement by mindless slaughtering of creatures. The "longer quest chains" idea sounds great!

2. Character development

The character development sounds like it offers a broad range of characters for people to choose from. I honestly had no idea how important this was from previous MMO's I've played. While I realized there was something really cool about the characters in CoH having very different powers, it didn't connect until recently while playing Shadowbane. Having spent so much time in WoW, I really got used to having limited classes. When I tried out Shadowbane I realized that was really the thing that bugs me the most about WoW, the limited classes. Still playing WoW, but desperately waiting for another MMO to come along and pull me out.

The class/skill/deck system looks like the answer to an overly simple class system.

3. PvP with purpose

PvP without a goal or reward is useless. I love the PvP system in WoW. You fight to gain rank which gets you access to great gear from a vendor. You also get faction from battlegrounds so you can purchase more gear. It really is a great system to promote PvP. I look forward to more details on the tcos PvP details.

4. The game world

It looks like they're placing an emphasis on the game world to set a real distinction from other MMO's and also make fantasy gamers feel right at home in this new environment. The screenshots and videos look great.

Now, the part that separates this post from a blog. What things do you like about tcos? Why are you looking forward to seeing more information and the eventual release of this game?



  • LordmunkLordmunk Member UncommonPosts: 6

    what do I like about TCoS, well apart from the fact, it wont be another game of who got the better items and to quote Thee a TCoS staffie "Its Player Vs Player not PlayersItems vs PlayersItems" , so the pvp will be very interesting, and granted people will learn whats the best skill deck system for what PvE tasks, but like in all games, you have people who will do set jobs for Pvp so for a large scale war its going to be very balanced, cause no matter what Skill deck you use, others will counter it with another,, that is one part i look very forword to , and im also looking forword to the quests and to see how the econemy will all work out :)


  • OculitusOculitus Member Posts: 203
    In addition to what has been afore mentioned, I'm particularly excited for the action-oriented, no auto-locking combat system.  Player skill based manual targeting is something MMORPGs have really needed.  I know favoring the twich aspects of gaming in a MMORPG are somewhat controversial, but I feel it's an excellent design choice.
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