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MMORPG.COM News: GDC Panel: Chinese Market

DanaDana Member Posts: 2,415

Garrett Fuller took in the GDC Panel titled Entering the Chinese Market. This article goes into the challenges companies face and hears from experts on what is going on.

MMOs entering China really boil down to one major element which controls everything, the government. Eugene and Adam discussed different ways for games to navigate the much regulated market in China where the government can shut you down tomorrow. It was brought up that China can cut off entire IPs such as Google and Yahoo so just imagine what they could do to game companies. The great firewall of China is set up by Cisco and Websense and continues to be the hurdle which all invaders must scale. The speakers pointed out that if you give the government access, you will have less trouble.

You can read the story here.

Dana Massey
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  • Ransom73Ransom73 Member Posts: 227
    I really wish US based studios would not look to the Asian market for inspiration (titles, graphics, RMT, etc), and instead focus on games specifically for the US / Euro market.  If they are hell bent on entering the Asian market, then open up studios in those markets, and hire locally.  Our cultures are too different, we/they want too different of a game.
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