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Poll: well, "Poll"....TWD vs Z Nation

AlumicardAlumicard Member UncommonPosts: 388
First off all, how do you create a poll? :D

Second, which show do you prefer ? The Walking Dead or Z Nation?

I just binged Z Nation and although I know TWD ended with the death scene I'll re-watch it from the start next weekend. But from what I remember of TWD and the ZN I actually prefer the Z Nation. Sure it (ZN) looks low budget but from a story point of view it is more interesting then those TWD fillers. Let's face it, without fillers TWD could have been done in 2-3  seasons. Sure those graphic novels have to sell for a loooooong time but imho Z Nation reduces the story quite  a bit and doesn't have those TWD filler episodes. Yes, they do run into some dead end from time to time but learning that Zombies can become more human when they smoke weed is kind of part of the story.

What's your opinion? Is The Walking Dead the creme de la creme or can Z Nation claim the throne?  As always, feel free to flame me and have fun pointing out the plus for both shows.

HF, Alu


  • AlumicardAlumicard Member UncommonPosts: 388
    edited October 2016
    Alumicard said:

    Also where is the "edit" button? only found the reply thingy below the post* and highlighting all the post didn't show any edit function

    *funny enough, no prob editing an answer but the same button doesnt show in the opening post.
  • cameltosiscameltosis Member EpicPosts: 3,374
    The Walking Dead wins it for me. 

    It has higher budget, so the zombies, sets and locations all look a ton better. 
    It has better actors, so what you are seeing on screen feels more believable and engaging.
    It has (used to have) better writing, so even when the storylines got dull you were still heavily attached to the characters. 

    Z Nation had some interesting ideas but was poorly executed. I could never tell whether it was supposed to be a comedy or serious and if I still can't tell at the end of a season then its just been done badly. There were some great moments though. The tornado full of zombies was particularly funny!

    Both series (and most zombie stuff in general) still suffer from lack of believability - how could such dumb, slow moving infectious creatures ever destroy the world? Sure, Europe with it's lack of weapons may suffer harshly under a zombie apocalypse, but America? The amount of guns those guys have is insane, no way would slow moving zombies ever win!
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