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Praise the Lord! The software upgrade rocks!

zipitzipit Member Posts: 487
OMG! I can really see a difference in performance here on this site after the overhaul - and it's not even done yet! The pages actually turn instantly instead of me having to wait 10 secs every time. Praise the mmorpg.com devs!!!


  • ClaudeFRClaudeFR Member Posts: 376

    Heya Zipit !

    I think so too, but since im in a diff. timezone (Europe) i cant say for sure (till now).
    I will check it later, when most US peeps are up and surfing here.

    Right now there are 471+49 peeps on the site and it looks good.

    I would suggest a redo of the searchfunction tho, i think there isnt a searchword index table, therefore slowing down the search and putting a big load on the database (affecting all visitors that moment).


  • zipitzipit Member Posts: 487

      Hehe, u silly frog Claude, you're not in a different time zone from me. I'm Euro too

  • ClaudeFRClaudeFR Member Posts: 376

    LOL...ok, then i am in Alaska ::::02:: ::::02::

    Hey, nice !
    And yes, 669+60 online now and siteresponse is pretty nice !


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