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Software/Apps for groups

OneShotPaddyOneShotPaddy Member UncommonPosts: 6
I was going to post this somewhere with higher traffic such as the Pub but I couldn't really tell where was best so I played it safe with the Off-Topic section :) .

Right now I'm running a group of roughly 50 people. We're small and taking our time in growing, being a hand-picked grouping of pretty cool individuals over the age of 18. That said, several people have offered me their phone numbers in order to text them when a new event is coming up (because some of them are random roleplay events). I already have a website, Twitter, forum and Teamspeak server. 

During conversations, apps have been mentioned that allow people to setup group conversations without the need to share phone numbers. I like this a lot better as I'm not at all interested in divulging (or being responsible for) personal information. So I'd like to find an app that can allow me to post announcements to people on whatever device they're using at the time (usually phones) and it would be even better if we could have it automatically send a notification when there is a new Twitter or Forum post. 

Does anyone know of any apps that could meet my needs? Or any others that help one manage a sizable group?


  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,412
    Depending on how they are connected to their phone, they should receive notifications when something happens on Twitter.
  • tyrapaulstyrapauls Member CommonPosts: 7
    Yea u right@cleff
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