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continuumccontinuumc Member UncommonPosts: 9
Hello everyone,

As some know, I run the Camelot Unchained video podcast the 'unchained vodcast'. Anywho, I'm looking to get a better idea of which topics the community wants to see discussed on the show. Please feel free to recommend topics or questions that you'd like to see more detailed discussion of! For ideas on what we've already covered, here is our list of existing videos


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  • LedrirLedrir Member UncommonPosts: 69
    I have two big questions atm. 

    What is their feelings on zergs?  This is a rvr game and I think it is a good thing for there to be large battles for realm objectives.  Some of the things that MJ has said makes me think he doesn't want there to be zergs and that he is trying to encourage group vs group fights.  While I agree that those type of fights can be fun,  I also saw in DAoC that there will be players with better gear and abilities and there will be pre set groups that will destroy pug groups.  I believe the majority of players for most games will be casual players and CU could lose those casual players if they do not have ways for the casual players to contribute and have fun in pvp.

    How will they keep crafters busy?  In DAoC the gear lasted a long time and the crafters did not have constant business coming in.  What will CU have to keep crafters busy making stuff?  What can crafters make?  There is the cube system.  There could be housing and housing items that crafters can make.  Will player gear wear out faster?  How often will items need to be repaired?  After your buy your armor and weapon will there be armor and weapon accessories that can be bought to make the item look better or become more powerful?  Can you put armor and weapons on pets or NPCs?
  • ordochordoch Member UncommonPosts: 1
    edited August 2016
    Day/Night Cycle
     - I've been daydreaming of a 20 real life hour cycle in combination with banes & boons. 1hr of dawn, 9hours of day, 1hr of dusk and 9hrs of night. There's a lot that could be done with B&B's here. Also, this works well if you're like me and log on at roughly the same time each day, in game the time would be different each real world day. Perhaps that would be better used on an alternate ruleset server. As a current non backer I've not seen any info on this topic though.

     - Kind of ties in to the day/night cycle but the only thing I've seen utilizing seasons in CU had to do with TDD clothing.
     - Phases of the moon(s) could be placed in this topic as well. Ulfhednar (wolfzerker race) may use moon phases? I'm Ron Burgandy?

     -More info on Ulfhednar & will Vikings get another race to even them up a bit with Aurthurians and TDD?

     - Could there be more to these than just taking control of an island? Been day dreaming on these too. Such as, could these be the equivalent to DAOC relics? If there are different types of stabilizers: Basic stabilizer that are only used to take control of islands (no restriction on amount on map), Intermediate Stabilizers that buffed/debuffed primary/secondary stats (a limited amount of these allowed on the map), and Super Mega Awesome Stabilizers that buffed/debuffed runspeed, range, stealth detection etc. that also worked on neighboring islands (restricted to 6 total (2/realm at start) but are able to be stolen and relocated). Choice matters, does your realm choose to place the most impactful stabilizers on the front line where their effects are immediately useful but easier for them to be captured or hoard them in relatively safer areas of the map? This kind of setup gives off a Tower Defense feel and would work with the Realm Pride talking points.

     -Crafting components for best siege? This would be placed in the "Choice Matters" line of conversation as well. The choice being, use these dragon giblets for armor/weapons or does your realm need some clutch power hitting siege equipment? Vertabrae for ammo, skulls for ram coverings, long bones (wings & ribs) for balistae and other parts for stuff along these lines?
     -Can the scout classes be used to determine when/where dragons appear?
     -Can dragons be used as a realm balancing tactic by CSE? Such as a low population realm being assisted by a dragon to siege the more populous realm?

     Also, I'd like a Tone Deaf bane/boon for laughs on my future Skald charactor that increased my offensive damage shouts by .5% and decreases my shout buffs effectiveness (including run speed) by .5%. Thanks.
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