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What is the state of the game and how new player friendly is it?

RictisRictis Member UncommonPosts: 1,300
Currently prepping for Legion content to check out the latest WoW expansion. I have been on a nostalgia kick though jumping on EQ lately as well. The main difference of course is that EQ is F2P and allows me to enjoy WoW and EQ at the same time but DAoC is p2p. I wonder if its worth subbing to this game after the Legion content runs dry?

Curious what the state of the game is, how much do I have to realistically throw at this game to catch up with players right now and if its even worth the overall price tag. Can someone please fill me in ?


  • kairel182kairel182 Member UncommonPosts: 287
    Just recently rejoined.  If you're starting a new account, you can do the 14 free trial plus get another month free when you subscribe (gives you a free month before paying and you can cancel it without being charged within that time frame).  So worst case scenario you get over a month to decide if it's worth playing for you.

    They've exponentially increased the leveling rate - there are repeatable battleground quests that you can strictly level through there (though you'll likely run into pvp a lot, especially in the crowded bgs, but that's why you're playing DAoC though, right? :D).  There are also gear vendors in the battlegrounds that you can purchase entire gear sets with capped stats with bounty points, which the repeatable quests and also killing players gives you.  So no more struggling with gearing new characters - just progressing will give you all the gear you need with the repeatable quests.

    To give you an example of the speed; I made a Bonedancer and leveled him from 1 to almost 38 today in a handful of hours, but a good bit of those were spent roaming and pvping, not straight leveling.  I haven't hit any characters to 50, though could have easily done 3-4 by this time in terms of total play, but spent a lot of time in the populated battlegrounds to gain realm ranks and learn the RvR mechanics which you need before you get to 50 more so than you actually need the 50 itself.

    That being said, once you hit 50, the Master Level quests have been reduced to just doing some easily soloable quests in Atlantis and using the currency they give to buy your levels.  Champ levels have been increased from 10 to 15, but not sure how grindy that is considering the rate of experience gain from repeatable quests.

    I was solely playing Albion but recently started playing Midgard because friends have less time to commit so I wanted to play my favorite class(es) even though I do love Albion.  On Midgard, there's a guild that actively recruits and it averages 30+ people online most times of the day.  It makes it feel much more homely and alive than being in the starter guild or smaller player run guilds.  Haven't found one like this on Albion, but heard Hibernia has one similar.

    In the end, no one can tell you if it's worth it to you or not.  It solely depends if you plan to invest time into the game and more specifically your character(s).  There are a lot of lifer players that will obviously have the deck stacked against you, but there are a lot of new or returning players as well.  I've had a lot of fights (or more like slaughters) that I can tell they're even newer or greener than I am but I've always had a lot of stompings that made my blood pressure rise a bit lol.  The latest class balance patch was absolutely massive so there's all kinds of new abilities and people rolling new characters.

    It's worth it to jump in and see, like I said.  44 days free is a long time to decide if you want to continue playing or not.  I'm still deciding it myself, but so far, I've spent far too much time in the past two weeks than I care to think about.  So that says something at least.
  • HothloveHothlove Member UncommonPosts: 126
    I would say from doing a /who on the 3 realms that there might only be around 800 total max players in daoc now on Ywain. Gaheris is like 20 players total. I hate to say it but it this doesn't look too good for daoc but still it's enough now to play and enjoy the game but if it declines to 300 players total, we've already seen before that it's not enough (before server merge). So jump in and support the game or not.

    You might also take a look at other daoc clones who have copied the RvR but mixed it with WoW. These are:

    Champions of Regnum

    Elder Scrolls online

    Guild Wars 2

    Those games have a much healthier population possible due to having a no sub buisiness model.
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