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class changes put me off buying legion :(



  • WarlyxWarlyx Member RarePosts: 3,112
    i was going to main enh (if i decided to buy legion) because i found it after trying it ..../cry maelstrom sucks , keeping flametongue up is annoying ( and i tho searing totem sucked) , stormstrike is a huge cd and can "proc" when u are low on maelstrom...and u are unable to use it (that makes no sense!)

    i miss being a melee caster ..... elemental was "ok" , now? meh ....earthquake totem sucks , flame shock cost resources 0-60 (the more the cost the longer the duration) , but if u want it to put it on 4-5 adds u waste all that malestrom.... ok u can earth shock before...the artifact will fix it .......yeah i heard that before for shamans , beta will fix it , live will fix it...ok patch X.1 will fix it....

    the only spec i enjoy more now than before is comb...errr outlaw , not raiding of course because roll the bones is so random..... that will make raiders cry on bad rolls....

    pala tank , gez forcing me to use consecration (or waste a good talent to avoid that is nono) , ret isnt fun , holy gained a instant cast heal that lowers own hp thats awesome u can beacon yourself and heal with that until you drop a bit but holy shockin the tank from time to time will keep u up ....

    Hunters destroyed BM is soooooo boring , MM is based around a proc to cast a skill in order to cast aimed...

    Mage arcane boring as sin , frost gained some flurry that looks cool , Fire is fun and with artifact skill will only get better

  • AoriAori Member EpicPosts: 4,185
    Ya I just can't find what I want to play. Enhance has been my main since 2009 and I just can't stand the changes.

    I'm liking Fury Warrior and Outlaw Rogues. However I'm just not feeling switching toons after all this time. I have this weird completionist thing about me and I like knowing my rep is all done on the Shaman, recipes and whatever else, you get the idea.
  • VolgoreVolgore Member EpicPosts: 3,872
    Like every xpack, Legion made a complete mess out of the classes.
    As always, what you'll be getting is a work in progress and will take 8+ month to fix halfway.
    I am SO fed up with this useless trial and error bullshit they constantly do to all classes and that always leaves some speccs literally unplayable for like a year. Add to that their arrogant and ignorant "we are always right" attitude and i remember why didn't wanted to deal with this company anymore years ago.

    Nothing about this game and company puts me off more than this outrageous inconsistency that they burden upon their long time fans. As soon as Blizzard has finally something in place and working, they can't help but change it altogether. Obsessive, uncontrollable tinkering like meth people do. Not able or interested to get it back together once the initial tinker-rush subsides.

    Blizzard won't stop until they made all classes play like MOBA heroes with 4 abilities on huge CDs.

    I also expect that the success of Overwatch will be having an influence on WoW's arena/BG gameplay at some point... action cam may be a first cautious step.

  • iNeokiiNeoki Member UncommonPosts: 353
    You're not alone OP, myself and my crowd of friends are in the same boat. We usually came back and powered our way through the levels and began endgame content and competed in arena's, I never really played any expac after BC more than 2months at a time though. I only lasted for 3 weeks with Cata, and that was just leveling and beginning Heriocs. This last expac was about 4 weeks, so with what I have seen so far and read from people currently in the game, I am also done.

    And I am also glad Blizzard did this, as it takes the game off the shelf for me finally and I will just continue with other games I enjoy like Ark/Division/MechWarrior Online and other little single player games I have been killing time with in hopes that my bandwagon love for Star Citizen years ago actually pays off some day.

    TwitchTV: iNeoki

  • someforumguysomeforumguy Member RarePosts: 4,078
    edited August 2016
    It is very obvious why many players don't like this kind of change.

    Here you are, having a favourite main toon with a class that you really like because of its gameplay and have its profs and secondary profs maxed. Ready to start on Legion, continuing lvling class , proffs with your preferred gameplay.

    Suddenly Blizzard decides to overhaul your toons class and it turns into a playstyle you find utterly boring (aside of it being effective or not), then what now? Lvl a new class and profs and secondary profs (fishing, cooking arghh). Or play with that same class you now dont like anymore?

    I can understand nerfs, I can understand streamlining combat, but complete overhauls is just messing with your loyal customers. They chose that class for a reason and that reason then is taken away for many by Blizzard.

    I really think this is a shitty way of treating your customers.
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