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Recently returned to DAoC with friends.

kairel182kairel182 Member UncommonPosts: 287
It's been about a week since I returned to DAoC (played off an on now and again every year or two) and brought back my usual leveling buddy as well as another friend that's never played before.  The initial idea was brought about from reading the massive class change patch notes and seeing how reinvigorating it was to the classes versatility.  I've played classes I never enjoyed previously and have been pushing for more RvR experience at all levels.

This is made exceptionally better by the full stat capped armor and accessories available from the battlegrounds via bounty points obtained by repeatable quests (as well as killing enemy realm members) which also give a very rapid leveling speed.  This also means that most of the battlegrounds are at least somewhat active if not packed.  The 10-14 and 15-19 are almost always teeming with new characters, both alts and returning players.  It's definitely a blast.

If anyone is considering returning or even trying it for the first time, it's definitely a pretty good time to do so.  It's a bit scarce at off hours, but pretty packed during prime time.  We're on Albion and main is Angorim.  Haven't found a guild yet, or if there's any interest on here, can form a new guild and figure things out (or relearn - hah) together, just need 8 people online together.


  • NycteliosNyctelios Member EpicPosts: 3,793
    That's really cool to hear. Maybe I'll back to it someday.
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  • kairel182kairel182 Member UncommonPosts: 287
    Also forgot to add, there's a 14 day free trial like most games offer, but when you sub, you get a free month on top of that.  So technically 44 free days.  Definitely worth giving it a shot, got nothing to lose or pay for with a month+ at no cost.
  • Soki123Soki123 Member RarePosts: 2,558
    Still one of the best games. I still sub to it as well.
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