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Am I making a mistake ?

jimbobfurleyjimbobfurley Member UncommonPosts: 104
Hey all,
Long-time LOTRO player here, just made the decision to shut down my sub on LOTRO after a long time there.  DL'd the GW2 game, installed it and started playing one of my old characters once again.  I haven't been in the game since a number of months after launch (when I quit)  I have no idea what state the game is in now.  Is GW2 now worth investing long-term time into as an MMO ?  The reason I am asking is because I am seeking a primary MMO to play and thought perhaps GW2 could fit the bill.  Have I made a mistake in coming back to GW 2 ?  I had heard about the Heart of Thorns expansion a while back, but had not heard about how well it went over.

If anyone can share thoughts on this, that would be most appreciated !



  • botrytisbotrytis Member RarePosts: 3,363
    edited August 2016
    HoT is where all the new content will be placed. If you don't have HoT, do not expect more content or the Revenant Profession. Nothing wrong with HoT, people complain because it is more group content and people who want to grind through Solo really cannot do it alone. If you want new content, you will have to have HoT.

    I cannot say if GW2 will be your replacement MMO. Currently there are none that are that engaging but GW2 helps because my guild does nightly WvW raids and that is fun. I happen to like GW2, but I do understand what people say about it.

  • HoiPoloiHoiPoloi Member UncommonPosts: 98
    edited August 2016
    If you're coming from LOTRO, I would honestly try out ESO. The early quests in ESO are very linear, but they've since added DLCs (free with sub) that are very open world friendly. 

    GW2 has become progressively more grindy and linear since launch. This process started roughly a year in and was finalized with Heart of Thorns, which funnels everyone towards elite specs, masteries etc.

    The only reason I would choose GW2 over ESO would be for PvP and WvW. PvP will never, ever be balanced in ESO, and will just remain uncompetitive, plagued by macros, borderline exploits and so on.

    Also, at the end of this year,  ESO is going to be level-scaling the whole game (like GW2 does), and also removing faction restrictions on questing. You'll basically be able to go wherever you want, whenever you want. In a way, ESO is becoming the game GW2 used to be before Heart of Thorns.

    (As an aside, LOTRO was my main MMO before GW2. I was subbed for a year. I moved to GW2 for WvW, and had about 2k hours over 14 months, but left when they introduced grind-for-ascended-gear. My experience is that ESO is the only other game out there that gives you the same PvE vibe as LOTRO).

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  • laxielaxie Member RarePosts: 1,117
    Note: This is a personal opinion obviously. :grin:

    GW2 is one of the few MMOs viable in the long term. Three years after release, it still has a strong community. There is enough people to participate in any piece of content - something you can't say for most games out there.

    Trade market is functional, with most resources selling in under a minute. Similarly, dungeon finder works very well - you can find groups in around 5 minutes. PvP has short queue times.

    The expansion added "more of the base game". People who enjoyed GW2 to begin with usually loved the expansion. Those who had issues with key design elements of GW2 (combat/progression) did not like it, as the game has not changed the core much. I personally loved the GW2 open world events - and there is a lot of that in the expansion.

    The two major complaints are the lack of development focus on WvWvW (the large scale PvP), and the lack of focus on Story content. They released a major story update last week, so the question there is how long do we have to wait until the next one. These will be free of charge as long as you log in for them (and own the expansion).

    Speaking of which, some content is also hidden behind the expansion. Certain players were unhappy with the pricing - arguing a player like yourself who hasn't played the game much, will now have to buy the expansion to enjoy the game fully. I think it's an alright deal. The game released substantial amounts of content since release, so I was perfectly fine with buying the expansion pack.

    Finally, the game design completely turned away from Home Instances. I'm not sure if you followed that around release, where the devs promised your "home instance" would basically evolve with your character, offering a personalised place. This feature is fairly abandoned and was mainly replaced with guild halls. This is something a LOTRO player might be sad about.


    All in all, I think it's a great choice, if you enjoy the combat and event systems. The expansion built on those in a meaningful way, making it even more of a "GW2 experience".
  • observerobserver Member RarePosts: 3,685
    It might be worth it if you're a raider and dungeoneer.  Their expansion, Heart of Thorns, just came out with raids, and their latest updates revamped Fractals.  Other than that, i don't see it as worth it for the long term, unless you're going to pvp.  The PvE in this game very shallow for solo players now.
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