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Thinking of buying this laptop.



  • MrMelGibsonMrMelGibson Member EpicPosts: 3,027
    filmoret said:
    I actually have this laptop, but with the 960M. I absolutely adore it, and reviewed it:


    And yes, I did buy it from MSI after testing it. Good luck!
    That's an awesome laptop.  When I am eventually looking for an upgrade.  I will give MSI a look this time.  
    Mel it runs sorta hot.  IDK if the one you have now runs hot but this series does for sure.  No it doesn't overheat and shutdown but you can feel the heat literally almost burning your fingers sometimes.  I called MSI and they said it could run up to 200F without danger.  But normally on a high end game like Witcher 3 it runs about 140-180f depending on the settings.
    That is good information to know.  I always use a laptop cooler with my laptop.  It never overheats but I use it anyways just in case lol.  If I were to get an MSI, I will see if I can stay away from the model you are speaking of.  Thanks for the insight.
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