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My friend's feedback of ESO (this is not my actual experience, but my friends)



  • gervaise1gervaise1 Member EpicPosts: 6,919
    Dillig said:
    Qoute "Not only that, but he said he hadn't been able to find any armor, and he said guilds being the Auction house showed a HUGE problem. He doesn't craft armor/weapons (his least favorite crafts), but he was in 4 trade guilds, not one had armor for his level. And the single one that did wasn't even a full set, AND wanted a TON of gold for each piece (12000 gold for 4 pieces, for not even that high end armor)."

    Sounds like he picked some shitty guild and did not bother checking other guild traders. I am a crafter and sell all levels of armor starting out at level 30 for about 1150 each pc at level 30 upto cp 160 for 20k each. always blue. He should be joining 4 trade guilds and 1 pve guild.
    For a new players I would suggest that your prices - whilst lower - are still huge. Player could be lower than level 30 as well.

    Totally agree with your "shop around" suggestion and not in any way suggesting you are "over charging".
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