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Isn't it illegal to ask fans to hype you on mmorpg.com?



  • H0urg1assH0urg1ass Member EpicPosts: 2,380
    I haven't looked at the hype meter in at least a year, but probably longer.  When I just checked it now I saw some pretty funny things.

    Perpetuum Online, which is all but dead and Wildstar which has failcascaded from the day it launched are both hyped more than World of Tanks or World of Warcraft which both have millions and millions of satisfied players.

    So essentially... who cares?
  • Aragon100Aragon100 Member RarePosts: 2,686
    MikeB said:
    It's OK for a developer to ask their fans to vote for their game here. What's not OK is if they ask fans to vote a certain rating or to vote for some sort of reward. Just saying "Hey vote for us at MMORPG.com" is ok.

    Shroud of the Avatar developers did just that on Steam and got punished by community and potential buyers of their game, just as they should.
  • ThorkuneThorkune Member UncommonPosts: 1,969
    And I'm over here like "Hey, I wonder if the grill is hot enough yet"
  • ArchlyteArchlyte Member RarePosts: 1,405
    If you are basing decisions of any kind off that hype meter then you are wrong. 
    MMORPG players are often like Hobbits: They don't like Adventures
  • Viper482Viper482 Member EpicPosts: 3,230
    Holy crap get a life.
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