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  • JamesGoblinJamesGoblin Member RarePosts: 1,242
    I hope they'll have more streams after this one. I want to see more of those outtakes, live =)
  • JamesGoblinJamesGoblin Member RarePosts: 1,242
    Here is the twitch recording and below is summary, based on my recollections (I watched first 6 hours and last 30 min) and some scarce info I found on forums:
    • Travian is Crowfall's Euro-partner and two senior Travian guys (the CEO I guess? + a younger one) chatted with Todd and Gordon for long time after the announcement; It seems that ACE (at least, Gordon) has good connections with them since long time ago, they mentioned stuff they were doing together in 80s;

    • ACE negotiated with lots of potential partners, including a number of companies bigger than Travian, but in the end decided that similar vision and spirit matters more than big numbers; Travian should "cover" Europe, Brasil, Middle East and North Africa;

    • EU and USA will be in the same universe but will have different servers - some for USA, some for EU and you can choose which ones you wan to play on;

    • Raph Koster gave a kind of Q&A/chat mix with Gordon, but for some reason questions allowed were about their general lives and careers, not Crowfall!?

    • There was a quick "surprise" visit from 4-5 developers of Shroud of the Avatar, including Starr Long who presented a huge bottle of whiskey to Todd; Couple hours later, bottle was almost empty - see below;

    • ACE played a little game of taking whiskey shots whenever they get another $500 worth of pledges; Total pledges during stream went well over $10 000 - there was a wheel with ACE names written on it, they were spinning it at every $500 and the (un)lucky winner was taking a shot. It seems that someone rigged the wheel, since Todd took three big shots in a row quite early (at least while I was watching);

    • There was a lot of live artwork/modeling/animating/developing - say, we saw future Frostweaver + Minotaur art, Mino animations and early developing/testing of some skills by Blair;

    • New environment graphics update coming very soon, they showed some and it looks sweet;

    • Swimming confirmed, still in rudimentary state of development;

    • Trees will be actual harvesting nodes for lumberjacks, and similar for some flowers/grass; After harvesting, some resources will just "explode" into pieces, like a pinata, to be gathered;

    • Campaign worlds may take hours to run across.

    • Crafters can build custom wall pieces for castles, players can hire crafters to modify their castles.

  • XAleX360XAleX360 Member UncommonPosts: 502
    Travian? Are you serious?... Damn.

    Executive Editor (Games)

  • JamesGoblinJamesGoblin Member RarePosts: 1,242
    XAleX360 said:
    Travian? Are you serious?... Damn.
    You can see them speaking to Travian guy at the very beginning of the stream (link from my previous post), and the other one (CEO?) joins at the beginning of 4th hour. ACE did lots of explanation of their decision, and yea, it's somewhat controversial.

    Of course, the chat exploded with questions, since Travian is FTP etc., the crowd even asked directly about Travian's "PTW" and got longish answer from both guys plus Todd.
  • FlyinDutchman87FlyinDutchman87 Member UncommonPosts: 335
    edited July 2016
    I was going to say, I'm not sure I trust Travian as a quality company to handle things but then again I don't think I've EVER seen a company that did a good job at it .  

    I can't think of a single time a company contracted out for foreign publishing and it ever ended up well. 
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