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SWG vs SWTOR (2016)



  • HachlathHachlath Member UncommonPosts: 55
    edited June 2016
    SWG was a "real" mmo
    SWTOR is a bad KOTORIII with a sub
    tried SWTOR last week, server is empty
  • scorpex-xscorpex-x Member RarePosts: 1,030
    I didn't like either of them but one thing is clear, one is a massive success that is in the top 5 most profitable mmorpg titles running and the other closed down.

    Truth is one was for for a small niche of gamers and the other attracted a larger audience, when you have to pay Disney every few years to renew the licence you cannot be a niche mmorpg.
  • wireded21wireded21 Member UncommonPosts: 131
    Frankly, there hasn't been a good star wars game since xwing vs tie fighter.  I'd personally pay any sum of money for a good open world Star wars game in the vein of Skyrim where you could just do whatever you wanted to.  Be a bounty hunter whatever.  Single player though.
    errmm... that was SWG
  • HatefullHatefull Member EpicPosts: 2,418
    edited June 2016
    klash2def said:
    Thourne said:
    MMOs are still niche.
    The niche is larger but it's a small cut of gaming.
    Don't delude yourself.
    We are a pitcher of water compared to the pond.
    I disagree..  almost every single game adding MMO elements not on just PC but on console as well. 

    DLC itself is a MMO thing. 

    Almost all games are playing online with friends hitting quest hubs. That's MMO.. 

    we are pop-culture now and have been for a while.. where have you been bud? 

    Candy-crush sage has 10X the players of ANY MMORPG out there right now, MMORPG's are niche. Gaming is big, but MMORPG's are still niche.

    As to your OP:

    Comparing apples and oranges...again.

    Yes SWG had heaps of issues no one will argue that, however if you think SWG and SWTOR had anything in common other than being based (in SWTOR's case extremely loosely) off of the same IP you must have sustained a head injury recently or never played SWG pre-NGE.

    I doubt very seriously if you even played SWG pre-NGE.    I get it you want to post click bait so you can up your numbers on the forums for whatever reason. So you post this absolute tripe and yes you are getting a huge amount of posts.

    The bottom line is, the two games have very little in common. The only part of SWG that was similar to SWTOR pre-nge was Kashyyk and that was because it was as on rails as all of SWTOR is. The fact that you state all the planets were like that  is why I doubt very much that you actually played pre-NGE SWG.

    If you want a new idea, go read an old book.

    In order to be insulted, I must first value your opinion.

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