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To windows 10, or not to windows 10?

jayheld90jayheld90 Member UncommonPosts: 1,720
ok, so i currently have 8.1 but have been on the fence about upgrading to 10. i have heard bad things about the spying, etc. i am just trying to find out if this is founded or if its a conspiracy theory thing. so, what do you guys think?

(i am doing this because i got an email saying july 29th is the cutoff to get the free upgrade)


  • LokeroLokero Member RarePosts: 1,514
    I seem to recall there being a way to get the upgrade licensed/owned without actually upgrading your system, but I don't know the specifics.  You'd have to look that up.

    The internet is also full of ways to disable all the bad features of Win 10, such as automatic updating, spying, etc.

    I know it's supposedly pretty easy to downgrade back form Win 10 also.  All those things mentioned lead me to believe it'd be a good choice to pick it up and not use it if you don't want to.

    I imagine eventually Win10 will be something mandatory to any Windows user, so you might as well pick up a free copy.

    All that said, I don't have Win10 so I can't personally verify any of that.  I've just read up on it a bit around the 'net.
  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,375
    Windows 10 is quite a bit better than Win 8.1. There is some data mining going on, especially if you use the Edge Browser. That browser is unusable with all the data mining in it. However, it doesn't stop you from using a different browser. You can also disable most things. Its also easier to automate some tasks using agents. The agents also use some minor data mining to figure out your habits and hypothesis what you might want. Like lets say you order pizza from the same shop every Friday at the same time. The agent may auto-think you want to make an order for pizza there at that time and ask to confirm. It may also do stuff like help you plan trips by bringing up rentals, and itineraries.
  • PyndaPynda Member UncommonPosts: 855
    edited June 2016
    "Reserving" a copy involves actually upgrading, and then reverting back to the original OS. That looked like kind of a hassle to me. But if I was using Win 8, I would definitely just upgrade. However I'm using Win 7, and I'm thinking I probably won't. I really do prefer using an operating system made for Desktops and not portable devices; I value my privacy; I prefer to download and install updates at my discretion; I don't need a nanny involuntarily deleting software from my computer because a publisher or a government somewhere is offended by that software; and so on.

    Still, I have little doubt that Win 10 is going to be forced down my throat on my next computer build four or five years from now. But perhaps by then Linux will be a better option?
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  • xpowderxxpowderx Member UncommonPosts: 2,078
    edited June 2016
    One of the things you can do to help with your gaming experience is to turn off or disable some if not all of the Cortana features when gaming. Will help with resources and cache.  Especially when Cortana is sharing the same cache as the game you are playing.  I would upgrade to Win 10.  Has some good synch with many games.  Just Cortana does not :-D
  • MaurgrimMaurgrim Member RarePosts: 1,295
    Win7 FTW.
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