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  • CowinspaceCowinspace Member Posts: 671

    Originally posted by elitestrider
    men ..... they could ne wizards 2 right

    There are no wizards on Middle Earth (at least not in the traditional MMORPG view of wizards)

    There were those with power (Galadriel(and a few of the other elves still left), the Istari(Gandalfs kin), The Vala and Maia), but there is no magic (It is said at least once in Lotro, and a few times by tolkien himself).

    There is the possibility for buffs (encouragment and discouragment, common ways of using power), but if you want to be chucking fireballs/whirlwinds etc. this shouldn't be the game for you.


  • NasindorNasindor Member Posts: 67

    I've always prefered Half Elf characters. All of my D&D characters were Half Elf, as is my Main toon on EQ. I like the balance of abilities and stats you get by mixing Elven and Human.

  • pooblapoobla Member Posts: 41

    Oh yah. I remember. That half elves that never existed in LOTR. I remember those guys.



    /sarcasm off

  • NasindorNasindor Member Posts: 67

    Originally posted by poobla
    Oh yah. I remember. That half elves that never existed in LOTR. I remember those guys.

    /sarcasm off

    You are forgetting the child of Aragorn and Arwen. Your memory is rusty.

  • SlagggSlaggg Member Posts: 221
    And especially Elrond, know sometimes as, well, the Half-Elven.

    "First you wanna kill me, now you wanna kiss me...Blow."--Ash, "Army of Darkness"

  • Tuor7Tuor7 Member RarePosts: 982
    Yes, there were half-elves, but they were always few and far between because the joinings between Elves and Men happened only rarely.
  • MorzanMorzan Member Posts: 7

    Hey maybe there'll be a glitch in the new game and there will a half hobbit half elf imagine that it would look pretty funny to.

  • GrindalyxGrindalyx Member UncommonPosts: 657

    The vanyar and the noldor who did not follow feanor into exile did march on morgoth in the war of wrath. At the end of the war the majority of the noldor in exile returned to valanor. We will not be playing any high elves in the game, The silvan elves though related to the high elves never completed the journey into  the west and to the undieing lands. If they had completed the journey they would of been counted amoungst the teleri and been unplayable.

    They are not as strong in lore and do not possess the teachings of the valar as do the noldor. They are the common elves of middle earth. Comparable to the common man in regards to the dunedain who would be comparable to the noldor. The elves will naturally have advantages in areas over man as will man have his advantages over elves in areas. I see no great imbalances in the races.  Other than hobbits will be slow from all the food they insist on carrying for their 15 differant eating times.


  • MMO_MunkMMO_Munk Member Posts: 299

    Im feeling real bad for all of you putting way to much hope into this game, some of you on these forums know 700x's more than the developers of this game, all i'm saying is dont get your hopes up, Turbine will crush them. You think the developers of the game even read the toilken books until they were forced too by accepting the job to make this game? Hell no. Only geeks read geek books like that, and if you saw a pic of the dev team, you can so tell they never picked up a J.R.R.T book in their entire life. They just seem like the last people on earth i would want developing this game.

    But nayways back on topic, I chose Dwarf. Im still gonna give this game a try. I just dont have any hopes for it.

  • GrindalyxGrindalyx Member UncommonPosts: 657

    Considering that the only book that has been read more than the lord of the rings in the world is the holy bible, i would say by your logic that the world is full of GEEKS. How in the world do you know who on the dev team has read the books before? If you read anything on the official forums about the differant members of the team you wouldn't make such a statement.

    If your assumption is that this game is doom to fail why in the world would you put money into it?? If i thought this game was doomed i wouldn't even think of putting money into it. I don't like to throw money away.


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