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Some Vanilla News



  • rush1984rush1984 Member UncommonPosts: 369
    if they make vanilla servers they will be more popular than the current live servers , people will say that only noobs play retail, i mean  its easier isnt it?

    The servers will be packed solid mark my words 

    man it will be awesome to link up with old guilds that i played in at vannila , such good friends made 
    i still play with people even today that i met in vanilla in various games , my sister even met her fiance in vanilla wow .Im so ready to do it all again !!!

    ps.. i miss NOS :(
  • ZarriyaZarriya Member UncommonPosts: 446
    SBFord said:
    In other words, he's got nothing new to say and that 500 page thread is 499 pages of the same back and forth between those in favor of vanilla and those not in favor.

    When the meeting happens and there's actual news one way or another, then I'll be more interested.
    So are you saying you would be interested in an official classic server Susie? From all of your previous posts I thought you were heavily against them, it is good to see your charge of heart :)  I look forward to your coverage of Legacy servers!

    In other news,  Nost has given their summary of their meeting:

    Like Mike's message they seem positive and explain that It would be a lot of work to launch a classic server, but that Blizz is very interested.

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