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Questions on a few games that I am looking to play

danwest58danwest58 Member RarePosts: 2,012
I would like to know a little bit about ESO, GW2, Neverwinter, and ArcheAge

First I played ArcheAge at launch and loved the core game.  I hated that the game was P2W when it comes to Crafting.  If you spent enough money you could upgrade your gear.  I do not like Walletwar games.   I would like to know what has changed with ArcheAge since Launch and see if the Cash Shop is better or worse than it was back 2 years ago.

Second I played neverwinter a little bit only got to level 14.  But I hated how I had to buy keys to open chest for gear.  Has this changed?  Is there better ways today of getting gear without spending $10 for 10 keys?  It felt like too much of a casino to me.  

ESO I never played but I want to know about the end game.  Is there raiding or dungeons one can do?  How is the PVP is it open world for instanced?  How powerful is the cash shop?  Is there gear that gives you an advantage over other players?  How is the crafting?   Is the stuff you craft useful to other people where they buy the crafts all the time?

Also GW2, I have the same questions as I do with ESO.

If people can speak better about this games I would appreciate it.  I dont want to just trust my friends who are playing these games because to them everything is fine with every game.  


  • LokeroLokero Member RarePosts: 1,514
    I think PvP is pretty dead in the game due to bad decisions and poor performance.  They have largely abandoned the PvP side of the game.  There are definitely dungeons, but I'm not too familiar with raiding in ESO.  I think ESO has one of the better cash shops on the market, last time I saw it.

    The crafting system is actually pretty neat, due to each race having different aesthetics, but it's also a pretty simple system.  Gathering materials is pretty annoying due to it taking up tons of inventory space, though.  I'm not sure about selling the stuff.  Crafting is pretty simple and easy to do; so I assume most people would just craft their own stuff usually.  The trader/market system is kind of weird, too.  So, that makes it harder to sell stuff to others.  You have to actually rent a physical spot to set up a trader.  Someone else can explain that better than I.

    It would probably keep you busy for a little while.  But, honestly, the game is really boring at the high end.
    The PvP is fully instanced.  It has the arena style match side of things, and it has the World vs. World vs. World side of things.
    The WvWvW is the closest thing to OW PVP, but it's still just static instances.  It's fun for a while, with sieges and objectives.  But, in reality, it ends up being nothing more than alot of zerging and keep trading most of the time.  There's no real point to it, and you never accomplish anything.  Still, blasting people with cannons is pretty fun for a while.

    GW2 crafting sucks.  But, they made it so you can instantly dump your materials into the bank from anywhere you currently are, which is such a great thing.

    If you like exploring and "jumping puzzles" and checking out the dynamic events/storyline, then GW2 can keep you busy for a time.  But, once you've done all of those, there's not much left, to be honest.  Dungeons in the game are widely considered to be pretty awful.
    The dragon world-bosses(raids) were such lousy fights/AI when I last played, but supposedly they made them much better since.

    I also haven't played the new expansion at all, so I can't even comment on the latest content.

    NWN and ArcheAge:

    Haven't really kept up with them.  NWN was a lobby-based game focused on dungeon-grouping.  ArcheAge has quite a few loudmouths on these forums that can write you a book about it, so I'll leave that to them.
  • NorthernHermitNorthernHermit Member UncommonPosts: 35
    Archeage is giving celestial equips for returning players for free to catch up others :D
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