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The Ascension Welcome Back Promotion

BillMurphyBillMurphy Former Managing EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 4,565

imageThe Ascension Welcome Back Promotion

Ascension launched this week for ArcheAge, with a slew of new content for all players, and the Trion Worlds team is eager to welcome new and returning players alike for the major game update. We've got all the details on how you can get a slew of free items, from free houses to bear mounts, carts, skateboards and more!

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  • SeelinnikoiSeelinnikoi Member RarePosts: 1,355
    Any idea why the game as a very very short line of drawing?

    It seems that grass and other objects popup in front of my character and I have every graphic settings to the max :/
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  • FelixMajorFelixMajor Member RarePosts: 854
    A slewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Originally posted by Arskaaa
    "when players learned tacticks in dungeon/raids, its bread".

  • bingbongbrosbingbongbros Member UncommonPosts: 689
    Too little too late Trion.

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  • kiravelikiraveli Member UncommonPosts: 79
    Is it worth even logging in?
    I have not played in forever due to the downhill state of the game and my entire guild went back to gw2.

    Is land still dominated by guilds? Are the land grab hacks still a thing? I remember getting on and timing when stuff would destroy only to have the plot instantly claimed and built on by someone not even there.

    With the energy restriction on everything I don't really think I'd play again :s
  • SephrosSephros Member UncommonPosts: 427
    Land dominated by guilds? No and never was. Land hacks are gone mostly. They tightened up on the mod that allowed it and it's mostly gone. I've never been in a guild and have had multiple plots around me at all times that I've played. Just gotta play smart.

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  • NyghthowlerNyghthowler Member UncommonPosts: 325
    I learned my lesson. Never again.
  • SojhinSojhin Member UncommonPosts: 226
    The gear/weapon rewards are underwhelming and weaker then the gear I have had since I quit many months back. About the quality of blue lvl 45-50 gear for comparison with a 30 day expiration clock. Really I could see if the gear was immensely powerful where that 30 day clock might convince a person to sub or whatever but not for garbage gear.
  • Righteous_RockRighteous_Rock Member RarePosts: 1,234
  • lucyluffy101lucyluffy101 Member UncommonPosts: 139
    edited June 2016
    You should join to the guild before you can get a clock. The clock is in prestige shop. The clock in AA you can't buy in auction house, you can get prestige by doing guild event. To upgrade your clock you need to join world event pvp. The free gear just release this week. If you play before just go in glyph store AA trino web. and exchange it in mirage island composition workbench then choose giftpack.
  • ThwaiteThwaite Member UncommonPosts: 83
    I played Archage in beta for a little while and never thought it was that great, so I never gave it a long-haul shot. On top of all of the negative player feedback, didn't think it was worth the time. I am considering giving it a go but I get very leery of companies who throw "this gold/blue/purple/red/whatever pack" and this "rare grand mount of legendary epicness" if you LOG IN NOW! It just makes me think the game is dying or dead. Meh, it's free... but with 100 micro-transactions, right?
  • shalissarshalissar Member UncommonPosts: 509
    i'll go back if they lower the price of regrading SIGNIFICANTLY
  • KnoxiaKnoxia Member UncommonPosts: 5
    LOL Decided to claim it in case I ever wanted to come back. The gear is not permanent. I lasts 30 fucking days xD So pointless
  • kiravelikiraveli Member UncommonPosts: 79
    So it's crappy and timer based? Yea, I'll pass, thanks for all the info.
  • Andel_SkaarAndel_Skaar Member UncommonPosts: 401
    Never again shall i play any Trion game. Publisher with worst politics towards players on the world ,so similar to gameforge.

    Archeage is great game, just waiting for private servers ,i have time and what to do in the meantime.
  • ZdarcZdarc Member UncommonPosts: 23
    Funny.. they are seeing people quit BDO and are trying to draw us back in.

    Not gonna happen Trion. Nice try though.
  • healboothealboot Member UncommonPosts: 100
    Sephros said:
    Land dominated by guilds? No and never was. Land hacks are gone mostly. They tightened up on the mod that allowed it and it's mostly gone. I've never been in a guild and have had multiple plots around me at all times that I've played. Just gotta play smart.
    Worst White Knight ever "gone mostly" "mostly gone" hmm...  Just play smart and don't
  • vadio123vadio123 Member UncommonPosts: 593
     B) skip! : Warning :  
  • redonyouredonyou Member UncommonPosts: 33
    edited June 2016
    Shut up and take all of my nopes!
  • UncleTopherUncleTopher Member UncommonPosts: 36
    I have never played Archage before..not sure why. Looks pretty engaging. I have to ask, how the hell do I get one of these "new player" warrior gifts? I cannot find anywhere in game any details. Do you have to be a sub to get them? Seems like the obvious answer to me, but I have yet to find ANY answer
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  • chanmingchanming Member UncommonPosts: 52
    Bb..but the question is, is it still P2W?
  • AlbatroesAlbatroes Member LegendaryPosts: 7,156
    chanming said:
    Bb..but the question is, is it still P2W?
  • rerise13rerise13 Member CommonPosts: 1
    All I ever paid for was the monthly sub, in a small guild and I have shit tons of land.is that p2w?
  • SplooshiiSplooshii Member UncommonPosts: 6
    At one time this was the best game I've ever played, sad to see mismanagement and greed bury it. I won't be back for my TIMED gear thanks.
  • lucyluffy101lucyluffy101 Member UncommonPosts: 139
    Most MMO i play is P2W because it's f2p. If you don't care of p2w Archeage is the best sandbox mmo. Why i don't care AA is p2w? Because the top gear score is 8k and those people spend over 30000 dollar and they are in other server. Also the arena is Equalizes skill and equipment levels is not p2w. Let them spend too much real money to support the game. If they not support the game, we don't have good content in it. I enjoy pvp in AA because every time i can exchange in different class and i don't care of my gear score. I hope someday trino add large massive equalizes battle ground and bring it on ESL tournament on twitch. :D
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