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Looking for a dungeon based mmo

StyxaStyxa Member UncommonPosts: 76
I wonder if there are any games out there that are heavily or totaly dungeon based.

Since my main focus when playing online is running dungeons, be it solo or in a group, i wanted to know if there is anything out there that made this its prime mechanic. 

An example might be the early stages of neverwinter, where you went from one dungeon or crypt to the next just to do your quests.

I dont care for an open world, could just be a quest hub town for quests and tradind and from there on every map and so on could be instanced, maybe grinding the same thing on different settings....

Is there something like this? I just want  a game where i can boot up my pc, start the game and so what i like and love, without grinding my way to max level to do so...


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