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help for a MMORPG "junkie"

Vaam77Vaam77 Member UncommonPosts: 11
hello guys!!

i need your help...
i play mmorpg like 12 years now...i play like every games was come out there
recently i stop black desert cuase that game is really a joke
i have play all the game like gw2 lotro ffxiv wow eso b&s bdo aion rift l2 EQ and more that i cant remember now

so i llok for a game now...i dont mind if go back to one that i play before...

so?? any advice??


  • laxielaxie Member RarePosts: 1,118
    Both GW2 and SWTOR are getting a lot of updates lately.

    GW2 got the Heart of Thorns expansion, with new maps, raids and a lot of interesting gameplay. Most of the old content is getting updates as well. The population is healthy and there is always something to do.

    SWTOR is getting a lot of story content. The game seems to be going strong. It may be nice if you enjoy traditional questing. With the stronger companion characters, you can play on your own for the most part.

    ESO is also getting a lot of good press lately. The game seems to have improved a lot and many enjoy it. The story is great, with a lot to explore. It feels more like a single player game where you can enjoy the story at your own speed.
  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member RarePosts: 2,177
    I was pretty disappointed with GW2 and SWTOR/ESO are so solo-based its sad.. I barely even consider them MMORPGs because the content is so solo. Try questing with people in ESO especially and pull your hair out.

    Try Darkfall Unholy Wars is you haven't already.. there are always people online to play with all around the clock in my alliance and everything is done with other people for the most part. I am playing several MMORPGs right now but Darkfall is the most MMORPG of them all because theres always people in vent/teamspeak and group to join..

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  • NorthernHermitNorthernHermit Member UncommonPosts: 35
    edited May 2016
    GW2 SOLO BASED??? :anguished:  WvW have got really sick good since may patch... You can get all legendary armors with WvW too x)
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