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NCSoft Earnings Report - WildStar Ever Nearer The End



  • residentxresidentx Member UncommonPosts: 118
    An opportunity to do dust off the City of Heroes IP now? They closed COH for this junk...
  • WylfWylf Member UncommonPosts: 369
    edited May 2016

    mmrv said:

    it's really too bad wildstar was made in a stupid cartoony space cowboy meet squirrel people shit art style and universe. It was doomed at its inception due to such a terrible choice in art style, and theme. The game itself was really quit good if you could get off being a squirrel shooting laser pistols and yelping round em up partner.

    Actually IMHO this is what Wildstar's problem was from the start, too many were turned off by it's graphics.
  • MardukkMardukk Member RarePosts: 2,212
    How the author tolerated Wildstar (IE linear quest hub themepark #647) is beyond me. Nothing to do other than linear quest to level...I wanted throw my computer through the wall after playing the game for a few hours. Not to mention the optimization was horrific for a long time. I may have enjoyed the dungeon part of the game but I didn't make it there due to the constant mindless questing/errand running for NPC's in a linear corridor world.
  • PsychoticHamsterPsychoticHamster Member UncommonPosts: 98
    I think Wildstar suffered from a few small issues that started to drag after a couple hours in. The game is way too cluttered, it constantly bombards you with things to do no matter how mundane they are and exp distribution was so out of wack that you were guaranteed to outlevel a zone before finishing its storyline. And the combat, how unintuitive could you get? The game forced you to aim by constantly holding down a mouse button and made movement a priority while still requiring you to access button on the other side of the keyboard. The premise was good, the art and music reached a certain level of quality but the gameplay was utterly boring.

  • PeskyPesky Member UncommonPosts: 154
    The one thing that stopped me playing this game are the controls. Call me names if you will, but I like simple tab target (mouse controlled) games like ArcheAge and Diablo 3.

    I can't play keyboard controlled games and the more I read about Wildstar's controls, the more turned off I became.

    It's a shame, because the game looks really interesting. But a game's controls are the single most important thing to me and it's stupid to try playing a game I know I'll find unplayable.
  • MysteryBMysteryB Member UncommonPosts: 355
    Bring City of Heroes back you fucking assholes

    Mystery Bounty

  • GrimulaGrimula Member UncommonPosts: 581

    they should have made wildstar for Nintendo Wii U and I bet it might have done OK


  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 19,777
    edited May 2016
    Grimula said:

    they should have made wildstar for Nintendo Wii U and I bet it might have done OK


    You're right because Nintendo fans are very loyal unlike the mmo raiding community which is fickle, demanding, and has no loyalty. The Nintendo fans have stuck by the company in some really lean spotty times and it's paid off.

    Why these game developers pander to raiders is beyond me, but apparently it's biting them in the ass and hard. One would think other mmo devs would take warning after this game, Rift, and EQ2 are such hollow shells of their former selves, but every dev seems to think it will never happen to them.
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  • CervaniCervani Member UncommonPosts: 21
    Meh, get rid of/replace WS and bring back CoX. I miss you CoX T_T
  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer Member EpicPosts: 8,776

    Torval said:

    orbitxo said:

    WildStar Online will be switching from NCoins to Protobucks on May 18th, 2016. So, some people are wondering if Carbine Studios will be leaving NCSoft soon. Cause why they change, why not stay with NCoins?

    not one to speculate- but if that was the issue these guys would not be leaving carbine, rumor is that the name change was due to blade n soul also using ncoins name.

    really hoping wildstar stays around- id like to revisit this game again- but now a lead writer has also left..

    maybe they can stay independent.

    Before this change ncoins were a universal currency for all NCSoft account games. You could buy ncoins and use them in Aion, BnS, and Wildstar. This change now prevents that. It couldn't have just been for the sake of naming clarity. They want to segregate Wildstar revenue completely. Whether that's for a sale, imminent closure, or some other reason is up to speculation.

    Sale or closure........maybe. I do beleive that is ineveitable, But I just assumed it was to break it apart for Steam.
  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 11,829
    Torval said:
    It does seem like with the coin switch and the Steam launch and the exit of key developers the game is ripe for a sell. I would imagine, in the right hands, the game could generate a fairly modest revenue stream.

    Maybe Perfect World will pick it up for a bargain price. With their Cash Shop skillz, I'm sure they can turn a profit on any game, lol
    I wouldn't mind that. I know their cash shop prices can be expensive, and yes "lockboxes", but they don't actually gate a ton of stuff behind a paywall. The game could do a lot worse that be run under PWI. It could just be shut down.

    I have doubts it's for sale. That would be just so uncharacteristic of NC.

    I do think they're in a horrible place right now with the PR and people not wanting to spend money on a sinking ship. I think that's a dirty taboo subject we have in mmo gaming circles, titles sunsetting and the money we've spent on them. We don't like to think about it happening to our game, all the time and money, and when it will happen. I play several older games where the companies and games are in maintenance mode: LotRO, EQ2, Guild Wars, and others. All good games. What happens in the next few years when they close and I love all that I've put into them.

    When a young game like Wildstar is in danger of dying it brings to the surface that eventuality that all online games face. It raises questions in my mind about what a bad investment they are compared to offline games and games with local multi-player. Think about it. They could never sell another Minecraft license and people could still play together. I hope something changes in the near future with how we treat sunsetting online services for games or the online component of games.
    I think the future of MMOs may turn to the NWN style of play. Like Shards Online or Boundless. Each player creating their own server with their own rule set. Visiting other players created space was always a thrill in NWN and I look forward to a few games that are taking that route in regards to online rpgs.

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  • NightHaveNNightHaveN Member UncommonPosts: 1,051
    I only hope they at the end sell it. In other hands the game can shine.

    But due to NCSoft fame and Carbine status is too difficult to spent money and time on a product that may disappear anytime.
  • keithiankeithian Member UncommonPosts: 3,138
    There were so many Wildstar fanatics bashing Elder Scrolls Online left and right, several with multiple accounts. Look which game is still doing well now? I knew that game was a dud as soon as Bill ignored the quality of the PVE questing and went on and on with how the cartoony graphics which he called 'stylized' were better in his opinion than ESOs. I knew as soon as I tried the pseudo Explorer Path that their sense of what an Explorer is (which is like a platform game) was nothing at all like what I want in terms of exploration. Good riddance. The ESO bashers deserve it.

    There Is Always Hope!

  • GammafluxGammaflux Member UncommonPosts: 5
    Wildstar is actually one of the best and funniest F2P MMO game around. I really cant understand why it has problem, probably it is just for the reasons written in the article. Because really the game is great. Playability is great, irony and story are great, combat system is very good too, skill system is great. I see very old and unplayable games that still survive after 10 years (see in example Entropia Universe that didn't change since ages, has a ugly GUI, no story, no effort from developers to "make a game" they just thrown mobs here and there waiting some desperate player kill them with the mirage of a great real cash loot (that of course will almost never happen). That game it is just a way to steal money, mobs have basic animations, they just walk around, ur character has ugly animations, it has just 1 animation for guns, it silly runs, textures are ugly, buildings are ugly... but it is still alive after 10 years. Great games like Wildstar where you can see the effort of developers to create a REAL game with background story, great animations for every (and they are alot) mobs, great animations for your character, lot of different landscapes, great NPC dialogues, everything is very very detailed... and instead it has short life... really this is sad!
    But I have to say that these dramatically titled articles don't really help it. Lot of people reading these will "feel" the sensation that the game is a waste of time (and it is really not) and will leave it.
    The game is good. Period. If it will close we will lose a great game.
  • TheodwulfTheodwulf Member UncommonPosts: 307
    I tried Wildstar during beta and when it went f2p. Gameplay just wasn't fun. Setting and classes were just awful. The baffling thing about Wildstar is that it made it this far.
  • JeroKaneJeroKane Member RarePosts: 6,256

    lahnmir said:

    I think you might also ad that the game didn't really run smooth on pretty high end computers. Especially taking the graphic in consideration there was no excuse why it ran so bad. Now I must admit that I do not know if this has been fixed but it was a dealbreaker for me, amongst a couple more annoyances like the horrible crafting and clusterfluck UI.



    They made some notable improvements over time, but it still has pretty bad framerates on high end hardware.

    But especially around launch it was really bad and drove many away in disgust.
  • XingbairongXingbairong Member RarePosts: 927

    I've always thought that this is probably the best MMORPG out there aside from WoW, but NCsoft's greed destroyed it before the game even had a chance to shine...

    The early release was a hude mistake. The forums were flooded with people telling them that the game isn't nowhere near finished for release...

    They focused too much on "hardcore" players which was a huge mistake, because for an MMORPG to be able to last long the casual(normal) players are needed as well.

    With time they have polished a lot of the negatives the game had, but with constant articles that suggest that the game might shut down any moment a lot of people are off-put from giving the game a try....

    I'm among those people... I played during the beta. I played at the launch, but didn't like what I saw and stopped playing then(it was too grindy. No chance for rerolling 2nd char etc...). Since the f2p launch I've had my thoughts on going back to the game, but the thought that the game might shutdown "tomorrow' has always off-putted me.

    In my opinion NCSoft needs to make a bold statement where they guarantee at least 1 year of "life" of the game and perhaps players might take the "risk" and give it a go. I'm sure a lot of people will adore the game, but the constant fear is what's keeping them from trying it.

  • LeetheLeethe Member UncommonPosts: 893
    No one will play an NC soft game that is not doing so well as the company has a proven track record of strangling weaker games while still in the crib. Players just don't trust them. Sign up now and it

    "...just not as profitable as we had hoped. So it is with a heavy heart that we have taken the decision to shut down all game operations January 5th 2017. We would like to thank the players for a their support."

    There is NO miracle patch.

    95% of what you see in beta won't change by launch.

    Hope is not a stategy.
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  • Whiskey_SamWhiskey_Sam Member UncommonPosts: 323
    At launch, the further you got into the game the more broken quests and bugs there were. After trying it again last month, even some of the starter stuff has been broken that was working before. When I searched online for workarounds, it was apparent things have been broken for months with barely any acknowledgement let alone fixes. Seems to be on maintenance mode.

    Have flask; will travel.

  • bcbullybcbully Member EpicPosts: 9,808
    edited May 2016
    "Not only does it have wonderful humor, fantastic classes and exceptional map design..."

    The vast majority of gamers simply do not agree with this statement. In fact I believe it's fair to say most of us think thew game is terrible in all regards.
  • RingsideRingside Member UncommonPosts: 248
    With all these anime Cartoony MMOs we are desperate for a new MMO with adult graphics in a fantasy settings like Lineage 2 was. I realy miss hardcore MMOs with open world community driven economy and not so cartoony graphics. Please give us older people something that looks like an adult game.
  • avalon1000avalon1000 Member UncommonPosts: 790
    The combat has been wretched since CB. We (the testers) told them so. They did not take us seriously. Why is it that the devs do this? It gets to the point of: why bother to do closed beta testing when no one listens to input? They could have saved this game.
  • avalon1000avalon1000 Member UncommonPosts: 790
    By the way...I quit closed beta testing of this game when it became apparent they would not listen to us and joined in the Firefall beta. It was brilliant in the .6 phase and they trashed that game too...go figure.
  • AzucArSaladAzucArSalad Member UncommonPosts: 61
    I liked the game. Sadly, in my PC, it has so poor fps (the worst of all the games I have tried in the last 2 years) that makes the game unplayable for me. Only for a short period during the closed beta I could play it. I downloaded it again when it went f2p, but it still had poor fps.


  • GormogonGormogon Member UncommonPosts: 210
    WildStar promised a lot and, for the most part, failed to deliver. For whatever reason the programming team was not up to the task in numerous ways. The monthly content updates/additions that were promised also turned out to be so much BS.

    The game had its chance. It had plenty of hype. It came out at a time when Blizzard hadn't released new WoW content for ten months. It's definitely not the case of a great game that wasn't given a fair shot, and anyone complaining about haters killing it has a bad case of butthurt. A LOT of people had high hopes for the game, and they spoke with their wallets when those hopes were not realized.

    The overall bigger issue to me is that Carbine's devs are/were some of the most arrogant and unprofessional assholes I've encountered in my life. They made the game's development a giant circle jerk with the reddit troll types and sycophants they surrounded themselves with. No major developer of a game I cared about has been less worthy of success IMO.
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