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Star Citizen - Alpha 2.4 Patch Notes

ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,236
edited May 2016 in Star Citizen
While the Evocati Testers are putting Alpha 2.4 through its first paces, the patch notes have appeared on the web.

"Alpha Patch 2.4.0 has been released to the PTU, and is now available for players to test! This patch provides access to our new Shopping experience, full Hangar interactivity from within the game client via new options and the Port Modification App. Many changes to Crusader and Port Olisar including the implementation of new missions, Alpha Currency and Defender reputation. Tying all these new features together and making them truly possible is our first iteration of server-side Persistence – our first persistent server databases! With this we can begin storing information about in-game characters, items, currency and reputation so they can be recalled between game play sessions. We also have our first pass on control unification between flight and fps controls which promises a greater experience then ever to players, new flyable Starfarer and Starfarer Gemini, the hangar-ready Reliant and numerous fixes across the game."


One of the biggest features we’ve implemented in Alpha 2.4.0 is our first iteration of true server-side Persistence. Persistent databases are what allow us to store information on items, ships, questions, locations, and actions that a player has taken, such that they can return to exactly where they left off session-to-session. This is a huge step forward into the “Persistent” part of making the “Persistent Universe” the vast universe we all look forward to.

  • During this first iteration, the following items will now “Persist” on the database and be saved from session to session.
    • aUEC
    • Item Purchases
    • Hangar Configurations
    • Ship Loadouts
    • Character Loadouts
    • Crusader Reputation (Criminal and Defender)
    • Ship Ammo and Missiles (Crusader only)"


  • The MISC Reliant (Base) has been added as a Hangar-Ready ship.
  • The Starfarer (Base) and the Starfarer Gemini are now flight-ready, and available for pilots to summon in Crusader."

Looking forward to test this myself.

Have fun

"Characters who exit Port Olisar in civilian clothing rather then a spacesuit will die. !"   ;-)


  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,236
    The Patch Notes above were not leaked by any Evocati testers. It was pulled from CIG servers by the "Starmon" fan program that automatically downloads v-blogs etc. Seems like the patch notes were stored in the same area and also got auto-downloaded.  And the shopping pictures shown by some Goons have been pulled from the Monthly Report April 2016, not the Alpha 2.4 patch.

    So, in honor of the first group of testers, they got their own mission patch from other fans ;-)

    "2.4 is being tested in a smaller PTU setting by a group of especially dedicated community alpha testers under a NDA before it goes to the wider audience of PTU as has been normal. They're named the "Evocati", which the community has re-dubbed "Avocados" in the same manner that the Bengal carrier is a Bagel carrier."

    Bagel carrier in action: holder 2_905.jpg

    Have fun

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