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Lamentations of a Vanilla player



  • danwest58danwest58 Member RarePosts: 2,012
    edited May 2016
    Deddmeat said:
    Maybe if every expansion the PB hadn't bitched and moaned that things were to hard, took to much time, couldn't be solo'd on .. you wouldn't have a game that you now bitch & moan is to easy.

    Stop blaming Blizz for listening and start blaming the PB that moaned to get the game the way it is.
    The problem is that there is 2 groups of the player base.  The first is the ones that bitch that things are too hard or take too much time.  Hell now we have players that are bitching that they have to log in to do LFR and why couldnt they get their epics quicker through their garrison quest.  Then you have people like me who get voted down time and time again that bitch that the game has gone in the wrong direction.  I say that LFD and LFR should be removed and dungeons should be like they were in Vanilla and the TBC yet in the WOD beta there were players that voted me down and said dungeons are not for people like me.  That dungeons are for the people who only have 15 minutes a day to run.

    So honestly blizzard is listening to the player base that is more in line with FACEBOOK games vs an MMORPG.  That is why WOW sucks today, is because the FACEBOOK community wants what they want vs the MMORPG community.  I never complained that I never seen Naxx 1.0 or Sunwell though I did say if expansions were not every 2 years more people would see the later raid content which is true.  But we have people today who complain endlessly that they paid their $15 this month and they are entitled to the content on an easier setting.  So it's really Blizzards fault because they listen to people who are far from the real MMORPG Population.  


    Example of what I am talking about.  During the WOD beta I loved how I needed to have my group CC targets in the Dungeons the first week.  I went on the forums and said how good of a change this was and all.  Yet I had some person who started to play WOW in MOP had done maybe 40 dungeons in 2 years and stated that Dungeons are for her IF she wants to do them.  They are not for me to have that hard because its too much effort for her to learn.  I am like WTF I played since Vanilla and during Vanilla\TBC I did well over 500 Dungeons spent countless hours having fun with them and she feels my voices does not matter yet she has done 40 in 2 years.  Yet blizzard listen to her because it was too hard for her to learn as a mage to sheep a target.  

    Sorry no Blizzard listens to the WRONG group of people.  
  • ZarriyaZarriya Member UncommonPosts: 446
    Blizz/activision has plenty of money - a Kickstarter would be a joke. There are a lot of players in a similar situation as the OP. Millions of players have left and could potentially come back to a game they cannot play anymore. It is less expensive than creating a new expansion.  For those that like WoW the way it is now - that's fine, Legacy servers do not negatively impact you, they actually help you by bringing more revenue and players to your IP.
  • Abuz0rAbuz0r Member UncommonPosts: 550
    This is 100% correct.  Maybe they need easy mode servers too LOL.  
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