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Where is Craig? Or any of the other owners?



  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 35,788
    garrett said:
    I've been coming to this site since 2004 and writing/working here since 2005. We all work hard looking for good games. If you follow the game industry (as we all do) for the past decade it went from MMOs, to Mobile, to MOBA, to right now esports (yes I know MOBAs are esports). I just came back from PAX and that is the trend. The best thing about MMOs is that they have spawned so many great ideas into other games. Now almost every game has to deal with the menu that MMOs created years ago. They are trying to win players and keep them. 

    It has always been our job to find great games that we think MMO players would like. RPGs are a huge part of our industry and there was a time when we did not touch them. However, RPG is still in our title and after a long time we took the leap to start coverage. As a player I put down MMOs all the time to try a new RPG then go back to the MMO. My bet is that all of us do that. 

    I also think the trend will swing back where MMOs are growing again. The rise of so many indie MMO titles out there are shaping what games we will play over the next few years. 

    So yes, we are a game site that focuses in Online Games and RPGs. That covers a lot of ground in 2016 than it did back in 2003. We can promise one thing, we will look for the best games that we think MMO players will enjoy. 

    You lost your bet. I haven't played any single player games since Fallout 3 launched, and only EVE for almost 2 years now.  ;)

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  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 17,286
    I have to say a  little bit...
    I do feel really good that Craig is actually paying attention to this site,but i still feel VERY strongly that he is either not being fully honest or his staff is not being fully honest with him.
    I have to ALWAYS use examples because i get immature people saying i talk nonsense sometimes,i guess they are not intelligent enough to figure it out.

    I will post one such example >>>>RipprX and his reviews.
    It is not even 100% about ME or weather i accept them,they look 100% FAKE and borderline dishonest>>>misleading  or what i call INDIRECT advertising.

    Indirect or misleading information is a form of non posted advertising.In other words you can look at the "black n white" that says we are not doing anything unethical but when you read 100% POSITIVE reviews on EVERY single game by a PAID writer/reviewer sub contracted employee it looks REAL bad.

    He KNOWS how to do his videos,that create a POSITIVE monetary vibe and more often than not the site itself seems to WANT to reinforce nothing but positive vibes for every single game becuause it spurns advertising dollars.

    I might ,well i guarantee i am not the best English major out there but i would say that MOST understand exactly what i am talking about and know there is OFTEN forms of unethical agenda going on.it bothers me because it is DISHONEST.Anyone with even a remote sense of good judgment can tell when a review of a game is HEART felt truthful passion or just baiting the game developer/publisher into spending money here.
    Past results have PROVEN it to be obvious,reviews happen then 1-3 days later that same game has banner ads,coincidence not on your life.
    So it becomes a battle between ETHICS which btw DO have laws and HONESTY and MONEY/profits.NOBODY would ever say you should not make profits,that to me is a bit of a cop out to even use that statement,we all know money and profits are important.

    All i ask is HONESTY.too much to ask?BTW avoiding known problems with a game or problem areas of it's design and monetary systems is the same as lying or trying to mislead people.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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