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Political Ads



  • larryp11233larryp11233 Member UncommonPosts: 97
    kb4blu said:
    The new ad network targets based on user. So it's likely something you've searched, or something like that. We've informed Craig, and hopefully he has some option on what to filter out. But as an aside, the non-gaming stuff is a nice change of pace in my book - less really terrible free browser games, more stuff that's actually relevant.
    I don't know what I did to deserve seeing a political ad ?  I never search or goto any site that has anything to do with politics.  

    I realize your site needs revenue to keep going and I respect that but how are ads for politics relevent to gaming ??
    Where do you live? The ads often target location based on IP address as well. It's likely you have a primary coming up, which would explain why. The ad network feeds ads to the user based on a number of categories, not something we select specifically.  But I have asked Craig (the owner) to see if we can select/deselect certain types. We've done so in the past with other ad networks, and gold selling ads.

    And the precise purpose of this new ad network is to offer both gaming and non-gaming ads. We know some folks might not like that, but by and large seeing ads for hospitals, cell networks, trucks, or movies is far more tolerable (to me) than seeing bogus ads for a new crappy browser game with bad translations.
    this is absolutely insightful! :D
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