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Falcon Lost needs tuning for lower gear scores below 200

Astro6Astro6 Member UncommonPosts: 247
I have ran 80 runs of the incursion 5 times got to last wave but the non-stop rush of mobs is too much for players with gear under 200, also running it over and over nets a player nothing out of the 80 runs not a single mob drop any items other than supplies.
I think there should be regular drops during the mission so at least it is worth the time to run it, i think the mobs need to be closer to player equipment level or near the end tune mobs so they don't swarm the players.
It also seems to bug out you get to wave 10 wipe and it starts from wave 1 again i think when you wipe it should start at wave you wiped on many players just quit on first wipe.
Or make a normal mode for players under 200 only playable below gear score 200, the reason why so many players glitched incursion is below 200 gear score it is almost impossible to finish.


  • SirmatthiasSirmatthias Member UncommonPosts: 562

    a) was everyone geared as glass cannons?

    b) did everyone or anyone use crowd control devices?

    c) were these random groups?

    I've tried FL with a pick up group and well...5/15 and someone quit so we all did after 30mins of wipes

  • Astro6Astro6 Member UncommonPosts: 247
    No mixed group tank ,medic,dps with CC still after 100 runs on random group still have not finished it got very close a few times but that last part seems too tough.

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