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Of any genre, what is the best game you have played recently?



  • cameltosiscameltosis Member EpicPosts: 2,333
    Final Fantasy 9

    Got released on Steam (and PC in general) for the first time the other week, I haven't played it since it was originally released on the Playstation. Really enjoying it, only 8 hours in so far but some fun moments and better combat than I remember. Looking forwards to when the game opens up and I can focus on leveling and exploring, rather than the on-rails story. 
  • DKLondDKLond Member RarePosts: 2,231
    Hmm, probably Company of Heroes 2. While not really my genre - I do think it and its prequel are among the best games of all time within the RTS genre.

    Beyond that, I think The Division is a really great twist on a loot-driven game - and while there's a LOT of room for improvement, I think the foundation is better than a lot of people are giving it credit for.
  • mgilbrtsnmgilbrtsn Member EpicPosts: 3,310
    I guess single player is the way to go.  I have a problem playing single player games, so for me it's ESO.

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  • blueturtle13blueturtle13 Member LegendaryPosts: 12,002
    Far Cry Primal

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  • PyndaPynda Member UncommonPosts: 855
    In the last couple of years, I'd say Kerbal Space Program was the standout for me.
  • ceratop001ceratop001 Member RarePosts: 1,594
    The Division
  • johndoepjohndoep Member UncommonPosts: 71

    Only managed to play during the beta stress test weekend, but oh lordy what a glorious weekend that was.
    Plus it's interesting to see Blizzard's take on the FPS genre.
  • AkulasAkulas Member RarePosts: 2,581
    Farcry 4 and Windforge are the last 2 games I played.

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  • acidbloodacidblood Member RarePosts: 871
    Dark Souls 3. - A great formula tweaked to near perfection.
    Kerbal Space Program - Because rocket science is awesome.
    Grim Dawn - All hail the new king, what Diablo 3 should have been.
  • shalissarshalissar Member UncommonPosts: 509
    edited April 2016
    etharn said:
    Recently got into DFO:

    But nothing is "best" in my book same crap over and over, lol. 
    I got heavily into dfo the last few months but after the last hell event i'm kinda burnt out and demoralized.
    i sure wish there were more rpg beat 'em ups on pc though, i can't get enough of those
  • ShrikeArghastShrikeArghast Member UncommonPosts: 124
    edited April 2016
    Valkyrian Chronicles. Bought it on a whim off of steam - best random purchase I've ever made. I've been playing RPGs since the mid 1990s - Valkyrian Chronicles ranks 2nd on my all-time list behind Chrono Trigger. 
  • larryp11233larryp11233 Member UncommonPosts: 97
    Dragon Encounter! I'm absolutely hooked in this game haha

  • DeltoisDeltois Member UncommonPosts: 384
    Overwatch without a doubt. Really enjoying Paladins as well.
  • PhaserlightPhaserlight Member EpicPosts: 3,000
    Vendetta Online; probably the same answer I would have given you since 2003. The reasons over the years have changed.

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  • BitterClingerBitterClinger Member UncommonPosts: 438
    Darkest Dungeon!

    So simple, yet so deep and rich. Definitely a 'Game of the Year' candidate, at least in its category.
  • mmoguy43mmoguy43 Member UncommonPosts: 2,770
    Really enjoying The Long Dark for my exploring fix.
  • WarWitchWarWitch Member UncommonPosts: 298
    Star Track Online, and gw2 on a t1 server wvw fighting large scale.
  • AeolynAeolyn Member UncommonPosts: 350
    I'm sooo over the dark zombie/apocalypse/shaft your fellow players/war type of games released in the last ten years or so that I cancelled my login to do dailies and log out subs to AA and WoW and am currently just enjoying the simple life of Stardew Valley.  My son has also taken it upon himself to start playing my, until he opened it, copy of Ni no Kuni that's been sitting on the shelf for the last year or so... I plan to finally give it and my Trails of Cold Steel game a run in the next week or so.  Imo, both look far more fun than anything that's currently trending.
  • larryp11233larryp11233 Member UncommonPosts: 97
    edited April 2016
    Dark Soul
  • d_20d_20 Member RarePosts: 1,878
    Nice thread. I've added quite of few of these to my Steam wishlist waiting for the summer sale B)

  • DKLondDKLond Member RarePosts: 2,231
    I forgot to mention Fallout 4 - which is the best game I've played in a long time, overall.
  • jdlamson75jdlamson75 Member UncommonPosts: 1,010
    Rocket League, yo.  Rocket League.
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