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Celestial Wardens [CW] Rank 8 FC- Leviathan-EST - RECRUITING - New Players Welcome!

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Celestial Wardens [CW] Rank 8 FC- Leviathan-EST- RECRUITING - New Players Welcome!

Looking for a close-knit, friendly guild? Perhaps you want to experience everything the game has to offer with an FC that will actually help you complete old content. Celestial Wardens is recruiting players of all classes and levels. We are not an elitist guild, but we enjoy playing most content in the game. This is a guild to make new friends, help each other in this game and others, and form lasting bonds that should extend far beyond your stay in the game.

We represent the Twin Adders and have a Large sized FC house with most of the perks enabled. We offer TS, Forums, and a Steam Community. Members are promoted based on how much they interact with members and on positive contribution, but only if they want it. Games are meant to be fun, and so we want you to have fun.

We aim to develop a close-knit gaming community making use of our website, Steam community, and Teamspeak, meaning in the future we want to be able to play more than just Final Fantasy. If you would like to join a fledgling community such as ours and help it mature into a lasting kinship, then come give is a whirl!

While in-game feel to contact  Jase Lerato, Laura Kady, Arganoc Drachenblut, or Zana'tan Dakwhill for an invite or contact us thru this post.


Steam: Steam Community Page

~All classes welcome, including casual or semi-hardcore players

~Active primarily in the afternoons and evenings

~Small guild looking to become medium sized (~50 in our core)

~Wish to form an active, close-knit community.

~Offer Steam, Team Speak 3, and a Website

~We do both old and new content. Always.

~Friendly and constructive!
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    If for some reason none of the above players are online, feel free to either go to our website, and after registering you can fill out an application there or you can go to out FC house in game, Celestial Citadel which is located at Plot 36, 3 Ward, The Lavender Beds, once there click on the Placard, once the menu is open click on the little magnifying glass the reads "Display Company Profile:, once you select that another menu will open with an Submit Application button, select that and you well be able to submit your app to the FC.

    FYI, we are still actively looking for new members.
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    Shout out to Eleohir Tanemund for being promoted to officer rank, if anyone needs an invite to the FC, you can now message him as well.
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