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A Trip Down Memory Lane (Old Mechanics = Best Mechanics)

Gyva02Gyva02 Member RarePosts: 485
Another great video filled with all the mechanics we love and also what made EQ so awesome and fun to play. Let's hope Pantheon follows closely :) 

From the youtube comment section: 
"You can't express to people who have never played everquest just how meaningful everquest was. I have memories of all the places and probably still remember my way through dungeon mazes. I remember all those nasty deaths that seemed hopeless, everquest forced you to be social and it forced you to think, you died in the back side of cazic thule maze you had to look for people to help and everyone would! I still have friends I made in everquest and I still talk about things that happened in everquest with fond memories. Thank you for the video it actually brought tears to my eyes."

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  • Hawkaya399Hawkaya399 Member UncommonPosts: 599
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    I'ts hte limitations which made me like it so much. The so called "improvement" oftentimes make it worse, rather than better. This is usually the case when it's gameplay or convenience being "improved".

    I don't know. I meander. Sometimes I think it's just because that's what I grew up with. Like most older people, i'm stuck in my ways. I'll forever favor UO/EQ gameplay, just like how some older people favor pen&paper or text games or nintendo-style consoel game. Other times I think it's just me. I'm unique. One thing which makes me believe this is not everybody who grew up on EQ continued to like it. They grew out of it and disdain its gameplay. How can this happen, unless they DIDN'T grow up with it?

    There's one thign I know though. Some people say your first MMO is like your first kiss and it can never be beaten. But this is wrong. EQ was my first MMO. UO was my second. I loved htem both. But when I played Wurm Online in 2012, it beat both. It was like I ate real food and EQ's food was cardboard by comparison. Admittedly, Wurm Online had corpse runs and no in-game maps and some of its mechanics are similar. Maybe some of my affection for it was because of that. But it also was a sandbox like nothing else I'd ever played. UO's sandbox was child's play by comparison. And also the gameplay in Wurm ONline is much more like farmville. It's more build than anyting else. To some amount I'm ok with that because I've always liked building games. However, I also like tension games and survival games. Wurm Online has made some mistakes in this aspect by catering to the farmville types too much.

    Want to add I played Project 1999 to confirm I really did like its gameplay. I'm just not sure why or how. I don't think it's nostalgia. It's the gameplay. Nostalgia is what happens when I go to live. Gameplay is what happened when I go to Project 1999 or to Wurm Online. I also started on the Rallos Zek server. It's not a mistake I've almost always played in PvP MMO's or servers.

    Chicken or egg. Was I bred on it or drawn to it?

    EDIT: I played Daggerfall and Masters of Orion 1/2 and many military simulation games and console (action) games and some strategy games and Myst and Sim City others before I ever touched Everquest. So my game-playing habits I think were "bred" a long time ago, if there's such a thing. Mainly, it seems I played a lot of simulations and strategy and exploration and twtich type games. I also played Privateer and Quarantine. I loved the open world.
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  • Gyva02Gyva02 Member RarePosts: 485
     Nostalgia is what happens when I go to live. Gameplay is what happened when I go to Project 1999 
    That, a 100% that ^^^  
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