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FPS Drop

EquintinEquintin Member UncommonPosts: 137
Ok guys here is my problem with the game Black Desert Online and was wondering what to do to fix this.I run the game at 60FPS for 20-30 mins then bang a drop hits and it goes down to 20-25fps i have monitored before the drop and after the drop and i had 

GPU:48*C,52% and after the drop: GPU:57*C,99%

MEM:1059MB MEM:1857MB

D3D11:59.9FPS D3D11:24.0FPS

CPU1:41*C,39% CPU1:47*C,37%

CPU2:17% CPU2:13%

CPU3:22% CPU3:25%

CPU4:13% CPU4:27% 

CPU5:13% CPU5:33%

CPU6:30% CPU6:16%

CPU7:9% CPU7:14%

CPU8:44% CPU8:27%

CPU:23% CPU:23%

RAM:3803MB RAM:6305MB

im running a AMD FX8350 with 16G RAM and a Geforce GTX 770 2g

Please im really a noob when it comes to this if anyone can help my situation i would be so grateful



  • EquintinEquintin Member UncommonPosts: 137
    Nah tried that im playing in windowed full still The drop happens looks like my GPU jumps to 100% for some reason. What's really strange is that this is the only game it happens this and the division


  • EquintinEquintin Member UncommonPosts: 137
    That's one thing I didn't check other than my graphic card drivers. Is there any free program that lets you see if your driver updates are good?


  • IselinIselin Member LegendaryPosts: 17,903
    edited March 2016
    I read on reddit recently that the "Tips" banner on the lower left corner of the screen causes large CPU utilization spikes for some reason. No idea if it's true but I found it annoying anyway and got rid of it... worth a shot, it certainly won't hurt anything.

    Go into "edit UI" and you'll see that element has a button toggle. You can turn it off there. 
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  • EquintinEquintin Member UncommonPosts: 137
    Sweet thanks iselin I'll try that when I get home from work and I'll also check my drivers again


  • EquintinEquintin Member UncommonPosts: 137
    Ok so I updated all my drivers and tried turning the Tips banner off and have the same problem after 30 min my fps drops I mean I can play on low settings but still sucks I want to be able to play without those dips


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